Friday, April 28, 2017

Jindal: Take ObamaCare Repeal in A New Direction

Bobby Jindal was my second choice for President, after Scott Walker.

I wanted a governor, a leader who had taken on tough challenges in a government setting and provided solutions.

Besides, Jindal has medical training, and had presented clear plans for repealing Obamacare and fixing the healthcare costs and issues still plaguing Americans.

Here's the latest eblast that I received from his campaign regarding Obamacare repeal:

I wrote an op-ed for today's Wall Street Journal on how we can move forward to repeal ObamaCare. You can read the full text here on the Wall Street Journal website.

In the op-ed, I argue “the real goal must be something larger, more inspiring and more important than merely getting to a signing ceremony.

The GOP has now tried and failed to replace ObamaCare with its own, less expensive entitlement program. Rather than simply tweaking the previous failure, why not take a completely different approach?”

FYI: they are already working on a better bill, and the Democrats are scared.

The new legislation  includes more market-based reforms to help drive down costs!

I urge Congress to start the path toward repeal by knowing where they're going — starting not with modifications to the existing failed law or concerns over Senate rules, but by defining what they want to accomplish.

Works for me. The Freedom Caucus has clearly announced that they want to drive down premium costs. Currently, the premiums are so high that for many prospective clients, there is not point in purchasing the insurance. In fact, it's cheaper to risk paying the fine!

I argue that should prioritize lowering costs. ObamaCare prioritized increasing coverage, and it resulted in higher costs and lower quality. We've seen dramatic premium increases, and implementing ObamaCare has driven the country further into debt.

How about just repealing the whole thing?

That's not complicated.

As I urged Congress in the WSJ op-ed: “Focusing on lowering costs is the way to increase coverage in a meaningful and sustainable way.”

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