Monday, April 24, 2017

Hawaii RINOs Get Owned: Tupola's RINO Gangstas!

IT'S TRUE, HOMIES:  Andria Tupola's RINO gangstas wanted blood yesterday.  Winning at all costs meant everything to these self-dealing and evil lunatics.  Perhaps the most insane allegation made by these pinheads to attack Kulbis and declare him unfit to be county chairman was the non-accidental and false assertion made by each and every one of these conspirators that "Eric Ryan of the Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) created the website" which Brett Kulbis had wasted no time launching for the new Honolulu County Republican Party.

Specifically, here's what each of these RINO saboteurs said in their sleazy last-minute smear e-mails from the Tupola for State Chair campaign:

Rohlfing Towelboy #1 Boyd Ready:
"Eric Ryan (of HIRA) is the obvious maker of the website"

Bob McDermott's Fluffer (formerly Mufi's) Keith Rollman:
"Brett Kulbis's new OahuGOP online effort is being done by Eric Ryan."

Fritz Rohlfing and Towelboy #2 Jack James:  "This website contains a mix of images resembling those appearing on social media sites of the Hawaii Republican Assembly."

Deep breath.  Whew!  Okay, as president of HIRA, I will confirm the following -- which is that every single person here at HIRA headquarters got a really big kick out of that pure unadulterated shibai.  If a rerun of Star Trek lasts 23 minutes, that's about how long we laughed for.  And now you'll learn why Team Tupola's line of attack (devised on Friday in Bob McDermott's taxpayer-funded office) was so stupid and so bogus.

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  1. Eric Ryan the author of this nonsense is known pathological liar down here in Honolulu. Google: "Beware of Eric Ryan"…you will never never want to publish his BS again.