Sunday, April 16, 2017

La Raza Racist Nativists: "We Were Here First!" And Your Point Is ...?

The latest argument from La Raza activists has been "We were here first." They demand that the previous political systems of decades, centuries past must be restored to make up for the sins of Europeans who conuered the Americans are pushed off the native peoples.

Here's a history lesson for LA Raza Nativists:

1. Indian populations throughout the Americas were barbaric. They routinely slaughtered each other, rather than engaging in trade. They ruined the environment, especially with their own refuse, which forced them to move from one water source to another, as the original source would become so polluted.

The pillaging and raping of rival tribes, nations. whatever was unparalleled.

Let's talk about the Meso-American cultures in which prisoners of war, political opponents, and general undesirables would be sacrificed to different demonic deities.

If the Europeans had not show up and joined forces with other tribes under hateful, burdensome treatment, there would be no Indians left.

2. They Indian populations throughout the region were relatively backward.

And it's a good thing that the Europeans and Western Civilization showed up!

The Incan Empire and other cultures did not even have the wheel! Please do not call that "progress" or advanced civilization.

Europeans brought the horse, and this domesticated animal helped Indians travel faster. What's not to like folks?

3. Yes, some cultures are better than others. The Western way of life has allowed men and women to fight for better lives with expanding freedoms. Why would anyone, regardless of their background, want to back to a backward way of life which deprived individuals from full artistic liberty and technological advancement?

4. No, the United States did not steal Mexican land.

That argument is so trite it has become sadly laughable. The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo outlines everything that La Raza racists need to know. The United States paid big money for the territory, thank you very much, and then way more per square mile for the Gadsden purchase about ten years later.

5. Even if all these terrible crimes had been perpetrated against these indigenous people, I did not commit these crimes, and neither did the other 300+ million people who live in the United States.

The White Guilt card is not going to work. Western Culture is great, has allowed millions upon millions of people to prosper and excel in this otherwise fallen, debilitated, demonic world. Opportunities to grow and thrive.

I do not want to go back to a world in which human beings were treated like chattel or left up to deliverance to the Gods.

Whatever universities which the locals constructed, they were rivaled by the lavish and expansive Europe universities of Europe, including Oxford.

6. Even if someone stole someone else's land way in the past, new political structures have formed to ensure that no longer can one group of people pillage and rape one set of landowners for their own gain.

The fighting, hating, and outright extermination of key groups is no longer a viable strategy for dealing with real estate. Because of Western culture, because of Western values, men and women can now own, cultivate, trade, and invest in property, which improves the lives of all.

The whole La Raza, Racista, Nativist line of argument is really serialized, historicized cultural Marxism.

7. No one is justifying the crimes committed by Christopher Columbus, Hernan Cortez, or others.

But just because men and women of all backgrounds survive and thrive in the Americas  does not justify criminalizing them just for being alive.

By the way, the people who were here first, supposedly--they migrated too!

Oh, and one more thing ...

8. I am a native American. I was born here!

Oh, and still one more thing ...

9. No, you were not here first. You also do not speak fir the dazzling millions of people who lived in North and South America, nor do you have the right, authority, or moral caliber to condemn men and women just because they have a slightly lighter skin color.

Sorry, La Raza racists, Whatever guilt trip you want to perpetrate against me or anyone else who loves the United States, the Western culture, and the rule of law, it's not working.


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