Thursday, April 13, 2017

Edin Enamorado Won't Rescind Hateful "Wetbacks" Remark

A few weeks ago, I reported on a young Hispanic left-wing activist named Edin Enamorado.

Check out a snapshot of his Facebook profile:

Here's the video in which he called immigrants who arrived to the United States "wetbacks":

Lo and behold, he attended the Cudahy installation meeting on April 10, 2017:

He tried to shame me about what happened in Culver City two weeks ago.

It's pretty entertaining. Most of these activists usually pride themselves on getting arrested, don't they? Why would they then turn it into a point of shame? They also went after me about what kind of work I do, or whether I have a weapon on me or not. Really.

It's pretty sad. When I pressed Edin about calling Americans "wetbacks," he refused to answer. Such language is pretty shameful, especially when coming out of the mouths of left-wing activists who claim to want to fight racism.

I agree with state senator Joel Anderson (R-Alpine). When are we going to start having a rational, mature conversation about immigration, one that does not resort to racism or the race card? I fear that will not be possible now that the state legislature is pushing legislation to ignore and reject federal jurisdiction over immigration issues.

These left-leaning activists are losing ground and credibility because of their tired left-wing attacks, and now they find that their words do indeed have consequences.

Check out some of his final attacks here:

But at least I could get a photo with him (sort of):

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