Monday, April 24, 2017

Hawaii RINOs Get Owned: HIRA's Due Diligence

DUE DILIGENCE:  Immediately after hearing about the coordinated e-mail attack by Rohlfing, Ready and their Satan-Worshipping Soldiers of RINOness on Friday night, HIRA went to the website to take a quick look for ourselves at what all the feigned hubbub was about.  At the bottom of that new website is a hyperlink to the company which created the free WordPress template or 'theme' which was obviously used by Kulbis and his volunteers to make the site.  A foreign company called Macho Themes created the "NewsMag" theme upon which Kulbis clearly based his page.

For fun, let's compare the HIRA website with that of the Oahu GOP.  You don't need the Six Million Dollar Man's bionic vision to see there is no possible way to assert that HIRA created the Oahu GOP website because they look the same.  What you do need to pretend these look alike is to drink about a gallon of Rollman's 200 proof fermented brew (and a lot of hatred for HIRA and Eric Ryan's conservative truth-telling) to reach such an insane conclusion.

Any blind person looking at Kulbis' site and the demo page for Macho Themes' "NewsMag" template can see they are identical.  Just the words and photos have been swapped out, which is precisely how you put a ready-made WordPress theme to use.  You pick one (from the millions of free and paid themes available from web designers worldwide) that looks like it will do the trick.  Then you make it your own.

Again, what appears to have been utilized by the Oahu GOP folks for their new website is the kind of template almost all start up organizations use.  If McDermott had done his due diligence and even a scintilla of research before authorizing his legislative chief of staff and Mufi Hannemann's former chief fluffer Keith Rollman (a.k.a. Kweef Trollman) to viciously attack Kulbis with his last-minute hit piece of lies and innuendo, he wouldn't have told Rollman to send that email. The same goes for Rohlfing telling James, as well as Boyd Ready telling (well) Boyd Ready.  These sleazebags simply have ZERO integrity and a complete disregard for the truth.

After Boyd Ready joined in the conspiracy with Jack James, Fritz Rohlfing, Bob McDermott and Keith Rollman to spread their nonsense and create fear and confusion, he outed himself as a corruptnik on a grand scale.  Seriously, exactly how lyin', schemin', plottin', sleazebag Boyd Ready can be allowed to stay in his post as county vice-chair on the heels of his active role in trying to scam all members of the county committee (and more, from what HIRA has learned) makes no sense.  TowelBoyd Ready attempted to thrash Brett Kulbis and obliterate Kulbis' unrivalled integrity with official lies coming from official Hawaii GOP communications channels; using official party contact lists and his official position and official title.  That's right:  Boyd Ready, the most corrupt state party secretary EVER in history, used the Hawaii GOP's official e-mail system to pollute the in-boxes of Republicans over and over during the course of his two month long quest for the county chairmanship.

He must resign or be run out.  There is no compromise or middle ground.  His corruption has been put on display for all to see.  Antya should be ashamed of her disgraced husband.  And we all should.  TowelBoyd Ready is a dishonest loser and a con man.

But let's get really real.  McDermott and Rollman were intentionally lying to county committee members, just like Boyd Ready and Jack James and equally crooked "Fritzy Boy".  Here at HIRA, we're pretty confident that Tupola for Chair campaign soldiers Rollman, McDermott, Rohlfing, James and Boyd Ready knew that they were lying when they made their "Hail Satan" attempt to destroy Brett Kulbis' chance of getting his county chair post back (along with five other county officers and five house district chairs).  That's our powerfully-sourced opinion, and we're sticking with it.

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