Thursday, April 20, 2017

DiFi Town Hall at AME Church--Discrimination and Rebellion

For the first time ... ever ... I got to see US Senator Dianne Feinstein in person.

Of course, she has represented me (?) in Washington since 1992, when she won the special election to replace Pete Wilson.

Where has she been?

She hasn't accomplished all that much in Washington. Democrats in California have it pretty easy. Every since 2010, it's been pretty clear that a Republican hoping to win a statewide race is a remote possibility at best.

Why is Dianne Feinstein hosting all these town halls?

She is worried about her re-election bid next year.

California has tilted then completely fallen left.

Hillary Clinton won by one of the widest margins for a Presidential candidate in California ... in decades. Of course, I allege a lot of voter fraud put Clinton's voter tally way above, but that's another fight for another day.

Also, Bernie Sanders supports have taken over Democratic central committees all over the state. The liberal Democratic establishment slates got wiped out. It's been a battle between the corporate Democrats (Feinstein, Clinton) and the Progressive Leftists (Sanders, Warren). In California, it's all about Bernie Sanders now.

DiFi is way to conservative for the California Democratic Party. I found myself even cheering for some of her answers! When she rejected universal health care or "Medicare for All", I was glad to hear it.

She opposes SB 54, as it is written.

She also supported the bombing of the air field in Syria.

Wow! I could not believe how much I agreed with her ... at least compared with the vast majority of attendees.

And a few words about the people attending ...

I sat next to one man from Whittier, who was absolutely convinced that Russia infiltrated this election and helped Trump. Believe me, this Russia Derangement Syndrome has hit laughable proportions. This blue meat satisfies the angry, disgruntled leftists in Los Angeles and San Francisco, but the rest of the country--and the world--has moved on.

The DOJ has just issued warrants for the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange! Nope, Democrats. Your Presidential candidate absolutely sucked, and she was corrupt, behold to special interests, with no moral center besides vagrant ambition.

Bernie supports had overflowed this church. They had Agree-Disagree signs in green and red. They were foaming at the mouth for single-payer health care, an end to corporation donations in political campaigns. And there was a lot of disagreement.

Los Angeles has turned into a warmer, browner version of San Francisco, and Feinstein got an earful, much like what she had experienced in San Francisco!

There were interesting highlights at the outset.

One of the ushers harassed me because I was wearing my Trump MAGA hat. He told me to take it off because I was in the sanctuary. Yet a few pews in front of me, another man was wearing a plain grew baseball cap, and he said nothing to him. I provoked him to approach me a second time. Isntea of just complying, I demanded that he speak to the other gentleman. I called out after him as he slowly walked down the aisle of the sanctuary to have the other man take his hat off.

Why was I being singled out?

Reports from KRCW, The Dialy News, and La Opinion approached me, along with photographers from the Los Angeles Times.

It was a real treasure to be featured, even if they did not share my views on a number of issues.

Feinstein answered uestions about gun control, the Gorsuch confirmation, Syria, and health care.

She faced a great deal of opposition because she was not ready to embrace single-payer.

She demonstrated a steady attempt to show herself as a more centrist Democrat willing to work with Republicans.

Oh Brother!

One ueston was really striking, since the person asked DiFi about her views on term limits.

She kind of stumbled on that one--since she is the poster-girl for term limits to the advocates for this reform. She even claimed that there was no way to place term limits on federal officials.

WRONG! The Congress and state legislatures or a convention of states could initiate the process. It's not impossible, but it's highly unlikely.

I decided to leave a little early so that I would not have to fight the large crowd of liberal Bernieacs to flee. The LAPD inside the sanctuary were very respectful and the protected me from the rudeness and somewhat abuses of the liberals around me. One woman started scolding me because I was a Trump supporter. She admonished me to be "Respectful".

Yet the Bernie voters throughout the audience were raucous and loud throughout the meeting. If they could yell out, why couldn't I?

Here's the entire town hall recorded by Grindalll61:

I did not called to ask her uestion, sadly.

If I had the chance I would have simply asked her why she did not support US Senator Pat Toomey's bill to ban sanctuary cities.

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