Sunday, April 23, 2017

Adam Schiff Town Hall: "Climate Change Will Kill Us All!"

The town hall circuit is in full swing throughout the state of California.

I have to ask, though: do the liberals who have overrun California with so much destruction and Democratic despair really think that they are making California Great Again against Donald Trump's agenda?

Give me a break. Californians in larger numbers are doing well, as they flee to other states like Nevada, Texas, or even Oregon!

Yet Congressman Adam Schiff is blissfully  convinced that California is the vanguard of everything good in California. How can anyone look at the dysfunctional mess that has become the Golden State under progressive-communistic leadership and actually conclude that Democrats are doing a great job?!

If you are a politician, a public sector employee, a welfare dependent, or an illegal alien, then perhaps life is so-so behind the California Iron Curtain. As for everyone else, it sucks.

Instead of tackling these basic bread-and-butter issues, of course, Schiff sat on a stage with three doctorate climate alarmists to push this need for more government to protect the environment.

Oh brother.

The hour and a half affair had small value as far as public participation. Schiff directed staff to walk around with a microphone and select different people to speak. Not very fair, in my view.

It's getting harder and harder to find town halls where individuals present will have the chance to just walk up to the mike and make a statement. These Democrats are not interested in free speech, of course. Their minute interest is only about revving up the grassroots machine to try and win back Congressional seats or at least take back the US Senate.

Of course, their chances are not going to be as strong as predictors and historical indicators would suggest. But even in California, Democrats who are not taking a strong enough stance can face their own primary challenge from the left, which will in turn bleed over into a costly general election. Just ask what happened to Howard Berman in 2012.

Gary Grindall61 was there, and he got some great footage of the town hall that really was not.

Adam Schiff wants to use transportation money to get people out of their cars and into public transit.

Here's the entire town hall:

Notice how we hear nothing but liberals asking their loony questions, and nothing more.

Climate change, climate change, federal funding for scientific research, etc.

The best thing that I heard at the meeting?

First, Schiff read off a list of "terrible" things that have happened since Donald Trump became President, including interests in cutting at east 38% of the budget from the EPA.

Those cuts do not go far enough!

Adam Schiff lost his first bid for office in 1994, when he ran on a platform opposing Proposition 187, even though the vast majority of voters declared their growing opposition to illegal immigration. He compared his situation to having his feet tied to railroad tracks with the train barrelling down towards him.

Those were good times, 1994.

Is it possible for any kind of revolution of that kind to happen again?

Not sure at this point ...

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