Monday, April 24, 2017

Hawaii RINOs Get Owned: Fraudulent Fritz Rohfling's Quandry

FRITZ'S QUANDARY:  How to level the playing field on the eve of the big county meeting?  Well, by cheating and lying and stealing, of course!!  After scratching their RINO heads in desperation, Andria Tupola -- West Oahu'slitter cleanup drive specialist and supporter of driver's licenses for Hawaii's 40,000 illegal aliens -- watched closely as her campaign team of state chair Rohlfing, executive director Jack James, state secretary Boyd Ready, Bob McDermott and his flunkie/fluffer Keith Rollman each embarked on a laughably transparent conspiracy to perform the very un-funny task of simultaneously working to destroy the reputation and candidacy of Brett Kulbis.

SYNCHRONIZED SMEAR CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED:  On Friday night, just hours before yesterday's pivotal meeting where Rohlfing and Ready hoped to consolidate power and pull off the coup d'etat, three mass e-mails were sent within minutes of each other to county committee members.  These lie-filled and nasty e-mails originated from super-creeps Rohlfing, James, McDermott's Rollman and Boyd Ready and contained nearly identical and completely bogus talking points viciously attacking Brett Kulbis (the winner of the hotly-contested county convention nearly four weeks ago where Boyd Ready LOST).  Forensic evidence reveals these messages came from the State Capitol and from Hawaii GOP headquarters using the official GOP e-mail system.  Their goal?  To trash county convention winner Brett Kulbis so he would lose the following morning's 're-vote' on his chairmanship.


8:28pm - Rollman e-mail to county committee members (and others)
8:44pm - Boyd Ready e-mail to county committee members (and others)

To call this carefully-timed joint maneuver of sleazy smear e-mails the night before the big county meeting a "Hail Mary Pass" would be an insult to the Virgin Mary.  It would be more appropriate (especially if you know the scumbag senders of these e-mails) to call the coordinated assault a "Hail Satan", which is probably what each of these demon RINO's cried out as they hit the 'send' button on their computers:  "HAIL SATAN"

Even the late Ray Charles could clearly see this conspiracy of coordinated messaging, non-coincidental timing and complete contempt for their audience for what it was.  But smearing Brett Kulbis was the only way (they calculated and plotted) to derail the 're-installation' of the county officers whose election had been wrongly-overturned in Rohlfing's "Wednesday Night Massacre".

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