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Hawaii RINOs Fired Bad GOP--But Forgot Tell Everyone Else!

Democrat Infiltrator Kymberly Pine-Ryglowski Ousted from Hawaii GOP

Aloha Republicans:

Hey, do you know what Miriam Hellreich, Pat Saiki, Fritz Rohlfing. Gene Ward, Jack James and their puppet party officers ALL HAVE IN COMMON??

Answer:  They love to keep SECRETS - party secrets which make Democrats and RINO's look bad.

Here's just one of several secrets that you MUST know about -- IF you want to understand WHY the GOP keeps losing in Hawaii and/or WHY voters (including island GOP voters) are so confused about island Republicans.

RINO's Just Can't Bring Themselves to Expel a Traitor
HIRA's multiple stories documenting and exposing how the corrupt Honolulu City Councilwoman Kymberly Ryglowski (alias "Kym Pine" alias "Kym Marcos Pine") had been deliberately destroying the Republican Party from the inside, Mrs. Ryglowski was formally (though secretly) kicked out of the Hawaii GOP on a unanimous vote of the State Committee nearly five months ago at its meeting on 17 December 2016.

Thanks to the Hawaii GOP's RINO leadership of closet Democrats, this secret has been kept from you until today.  Now, thanks to HIRA, you know the truth . . . and, in a moment, the rest of the story.
In 2016,
HIRA repeatedly warned the party NOT to endorse or support corrupt Ryglowski (a.k.a. "Pine") because she had been publicly endorsing Democrats and donating very large sums of campaign money to Democrats on the ballot in 2016.  HIRA was ignored by RINO party leaders who chose to waste weeks of valuable campaign time and energy during Fall 2016 organizing special arm-twisting meetings of misinformed party leaders; lobbying them to whip votes in hopes of obtaining a public endorsement of Ryglowski (a.k.a. "Pine" a.k.a. "Marcos Pine") so the Hawaii GOP could help the tax-hiking, backstabbing, Democrat-supporting "Republican" and mayoral hopeful to win re-election to the Honolulu City Council.

While the news media and KHVH's talkradio host Rick Hamada were constantly referring to Ryglowski as a "Republican" based on serving several terms of office in the State House as a Republican and Tea Party leader, HIRA knew Pine's partisan affiliation had changed dramatically.  That's why HIRA continued exposing Ryglowski during 2016 as a fraud who was in the pocket of the Democrat Rail Cartel and the public employee unions.

Once the evidence became too overwhelming for even RINO party leaders to ignore, something had to be done to correct the record.  So, several weeks after the November 2016 General Election, party leaders began to wipe the egg off their faces; realizing they should have listened to HIRA, no matter how hard the blow to their fragile self-esteem.

That's why, at the 17 December 2016 meeting of the party's governing State Committee, a unanimous vote was taken to kick Ryglowski out of the Hawaii GOP . . . albeit to do so secretly at first, and then let promise to let party members and the public know later.

AUDIO BONUS:  Here are the last five minutes of that December meeting during which the matter of ousting Pine was discussed and then UNANIMOUSLY supported.

As you heard, following the unanimous vote of the State Committee, Ryglowski (alias "Pine") was given a deadline to reply on or before January 4th, after which the Hawaii GOP leaders were supposed to issue a press release alerting the media, the public, and the membership of the Republican Party that Pine was out.  That never happened.
To this day,
NEARLY FIVE MONTHS AFTER PINE WAS KICKED OUT OF THE GOP, Saiki, Hellreich, Rohlfing, Ward, James, Mukk and Ready REFUSE TO TELL THE WORLD ABOUT IT.  The promised press release never got sent.  Party members were never informed.  And Mrs. Ryglowski stands ready to continue using her years of kinship with Republicans (who are still none the wiser) to help Democrats destroy the Hawaii GOP even more . . . exploiting the memories of donors, volunteers, and supporters from her Republican days.

Yes, silent RINO party officers are deliberately allowing Pine-Ryglowski to get away with political murder to this very day.
Forget about the fact that the rules explicitly call for the State Committee to terminate Ryglowski's membership after she actively campaigned for Democrats to defeat Republican candidates in the 2016 election.

RINO's like Saiki, Hellreich and Rohlfing want to allow phony Republicans to retain their disguises so the assault on the Hawaii GOP can continue.  Just as we saw when closet Democrats like Boyd Ready publicly begged Beth Fukumoto to stay in the Republican fold -- "we need liberal voices" in the GOP, Ready cried.

Forget also about the fact that Pine's public affiliation with the Republican Party continued through 2016 and beyond with donations like this to the Hawaii Republican Party Building Fund in 2014 and to her RINO pal Bob McDermott.

In addition are the Pine donations in 2016 to full-blown RINO's Bob McDermott, Lauren Cheape, and Beth Fukumoto, alongside Pine's many, many donations to Democrats.

Because Pine has bought off these RINO's, screwed over the party, and whacked the state GOP's RINO party leaders senseless, these RINO officers haven't done a thing they said they would to set the record straight -- DESPITE the unanimous vote of the State Committee to do so by January 4th.

Only RINO's are unwilling to take appropriate measures after the Hawaii GOP got repeatedly kicked in the groin by a political traitor who donated thousands of dollars to Democrat opponents and publicly endorsed multiple Democrats; all of which went on to defeat multiple GOP candidates.

And thanks to fake Republican party officers like Boyd Ready, Fritz Rohlfing, Pat Saiki, Miriam, Hellreich and the rest, the party deliberately let Beth Fukumoto kick the Hawaii GOP in the groin for months and months without consequence; allowing Fukumoto to stage her exit from the GOP using taxpayer dollars to choreograph every moment and every groin kick.

Ironically, as already mentioned, party chair Rohlfing and his stooges wanted the Hawaii GOP to endorse Pine-Ryglowski even as she was endorsing and donating to multiple Democrat campaigns, including Caldwell.  Such bad judgement was proven to be even worse as Pine-Ryglowski led the effort to oust from power at Honolulu Hale all of Charles Djou's allies in his mayoral campaign.  Ernie Martin - OUT.  Ann Kobayashi - OUT.  Trevor Ozawa - OUT.  

Top GOP leaders know EXACTLY what they were doing when the let Democrats undermine the Hawaii GOP from the inside.  To the novice, it merely seemed that RINO party officers simply didn't know what to do about Pine and Fukumoto.  But the lack of proactivity by party leaders was deliberate.  Their refusal to take appropriate action when Ryglowski's support for Democrats was successful and Fukumoto's attacks on the GOP were successful was in keeping with RINO strategy.

ZERO TRANSPARENCY:  No matter who wins the leadership positions at the Kauai state convention in two weeks, both RINO camps have made it clear they will lie, cheat and steal to keep power and that they will keep island Republicans in the dark about absolutely everything to cover their RINO tracks.

You haven't heard from the Hawaii GOP about this Pine-Ryglowski situation because party RINO officers -- even those who hate each other like Rohlfing, Ready, James, Hellreich and Saiki -- agree on one point:  The Hawaii GOP should never make Democrats look bad.
This entire episode of secrecy shows how much the two RINO camps vying for control of the state party (
Team Rohlfing/James/Tupola and Team Hellreich/Saiki/Ostrov] have in common.  They seek to protect their fellow closet Democrats from exposure of the truth.  Shirlene Ostrov's campaign managers Pat Saiki and Miriam Hellreich have been conspiring with Tupola campaign leaders Fritz Rohlfing and Jack James and Boyd Ready to prevent any formal announcement from the Hawaii GOP that Pine-Ryglowski had been unanimously kicked off the party's membership roster.

Meanwhile, since this secret meeting at party headquarters on Kapiolani Blvd., Pine has continued to attack Republicans and the GOP with complete impunity, not to mention taxpayers.  Why would the Ostrov campaign and the Tupola campaign want to keep the revocation of Ryglowski's membership a secret?  What crazy liberal nonsense is the Oahu League of RINO Women up to?  How about the Tupola faction at the State Capitol?  Ultimately, these RINO's all collectively refuse to fight back.

This same sorry episode of preventing disclosure of Pine-Ryglowski's expulsion from the Hawaii GOP also speaks to how disconnected from political reality these RINO nimrods are.  Neither Team Rohlfing nor Team Hellreich are able to keep score by staying on top of the running total of how many Republicans are in office.
Flat-footed and incompetent
Boyd Ready says he had no idea Pine was no longer a Republican.  That's because Ready, like his RINO party friends, isn't plugged into the political scene enough to know if the party's incumbents or candidates are moving in the Democrat direction.  The party isn't tracking donations, tracking votes, tracking statements, or even keeping in touch with these politicians.  So, they are ALWAYS the last to know and the VERY LAST to figure out the ramifications.

THESE ARE TOTAL IDIOTS who do NOT have the party's best interests at heart. Democrats LOVE these loser GOP officers because they suck so badly.

Never forget that, right up until the last minute, RINO's like Boyd Ready were trying to keep Beth Fukumoto in the Republican fold, as if completely oblivious to what Fukumoto's game plan was.  Anyone with eyesight and hearing could see and hear that Fukumoto spent nearly an entire year as GOP Minority Leader using her position to make Republicans look bad in order to pave the way to a fruitful career as a Democrat.  But Rohlfing, Ready, Hellreich and Saiki let Fukumoto do to the Hawaii GOP what they let Pine-Ryglowski did during most of 2016.

And WHO exactly is Kym Ryglowski?  Kirk Caldwell's heir apparent and daughter of a white community college teacher (
who uses an invented stage name or pseudonym "Kymberly Marcos Pine" designed to appeal to Filipino voters, even though there is no "Marcos" in her name), is a local politician from Ewa Beach who still owes taxpayers tens of thousands of tax dollars that she and her office employees stole while working at the State Capitol.  To date, Pine-Ryglowski refuses to reimburse the State and taxpayers.  And Democrat attorney general Doug Chin has been more interested in helping Middle Easterners and illegal immigrants move to Hawaii than in helping to put crooked politicians behind bars.

Finally, thanks to HIRA, it no longer remains a guarded secret that HRP finally acted after months and months of HIRA's warnings to kick Kym Pine out of the GOP.

Stay tuned for more secrets of the downward-spiraling, RINO-controlled Hawaii GOP.

In the meantime, don't waste your time or money going to Kauai or going to the Lincoln Dinner.  There are much better ways to help the Republican movement in Hawaii.

The BEST of all ways to help the Republican movement is supporting the Hawaii Republican Assembly and HIRA Action.

HIRA's officers and members are pleased to help Republicans get the information they need to take back their party from RINO's, liberals and closet Democrats . . . even though the desperate circling of wagons and pathetic lashing out by RINO's in retributions causes the faint at heart to cover their ears and hide their eyes.

Eventually, when the shocking truth is fully understood by those now in denial that our party is run by those whose sympathies lie with the Democrat Party, its politicians and its policies, the Hawaii GOP will emerge stronger and finally ready to take on the Democrat Machine in the Aloha State.

Thanks and God Bless Hawaii.


President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC

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