Tuesday, April 11, 2017

To the Glendora City Council: Why I am a Republican and Trump Supporter

Good Evening, Glendora City Council.

My name is Arthur Schaper.

I am the President of the Beach Cities Republicans and a proud Trump Supporter.

With many of my friends throughout Los Angeles County,  we have visited diverse communities of all demographics and backgrounds to show support for our President.

Donald Trump has accomplished more than I could have anticipated.

He has ended taxpayer-funding for abortions overseas.

He has repealed terrible regulations within the Affordable Care Act, and is dedicated to repealing that terrible law.

He signed off on the Keystone Pipeline and has approved the Construction of the Dakota Pipeline as well.

He has also diligently enforced our immigration laws, and his excellent Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has issued clear instructions to all states—including California—to respect and enforce our immigration laws, or face the dire consequences. Unlike the previous President, who routinely undermined the rule of law, Trump is restoring the respect for the rule of law.

Jobs are back, the economy is working. Americans do not need to fear losing their rights, including Freedom of Speech and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. I am a proud Trump Supporter and also a proud Republican, and I have continued to take the message of the Republican Party, and what its values are.

The Republican Party was founded on a two-fold platform: the abolition of slavery and the end of polygamy: Pro-Liberty and Pro-Family.

The Republican Party has fought for civil rights, from its inception and then majority power in Congress with the Civil Rights Act of 1865 to the 1960's. The first Black US Senators were Republicans, whether elected by legislature or popular vote. The first Asian US Senator was also a Republican. Richard Nixon’s Southern strategy was based on a clear program of desegregation throughout the country.

Republicans have prosecuted the peace, while Democrats have entered us into war
President Reagan led the fight against communism and helped defeat the Soviet Empire
I have met and worked with Republicans of diverse backgrounds, and other reasons why they have joined the GOP?

They are pro-life.

They believe in teaching a man to survive and thrive, rather than depending on someone else to get by—especially the government.

They believe in limited government, individual liberty, and constitutional rule.

And thank God for Donald Trump, that he is furthering these principles.

God Bless Donald Trump!

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