Friday, April 14, 2017

Success! Twitter Suspends Muslim Radical Who Wanted to Kill 100 Americans

Yesterday, I reported on a Twitter account @programmerboy, in which he had tweeted that if he ever came to the United States, he would blow up 100 Americans.


I put up a post telling people to report him for the abusive tweet which he had sent out.

Such comments cannot be ignored or taken lightly.

Of course, the arrogant radical Muslim based in Pakistan laughed at me and told me to "cool it."

But lo and beholdd:

Twitter actually suspended the account!

It looks like Twitter is paying attention to the users and is finally respected free pseech in its fullest, protected domains.

Freedom of speech is not an invitation to commit dedicated, targeted hatred.

Freedom of speech does not invite or permit bodily harm to others.

Perhaps Twitter is waking up and recognizing that if the social media platform wants to ensure a viable future, they need to start targeting and taking down terrorists rather than attacking law-abiding citizens who are sharing conservative view points!

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