Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Torrance City Council: Reject Community Choice Aggregation

To the Torrance City Council:

I was told that this Community Choice Aggregation program was not on the horizon.

But here we are today, discussing this program, whether the city should direct staff to continue exploring the costs of this program

Why not save ourselves, the staff, and the city’s taxpayers time and money.

CCA should be DOA. Community Choice Aggregation will not help the community, it will not promote choice, and it will aggregate power to the few at the expense of the rest.

The program is an unjust  and inefficient  invasion of the government

The proposed CCA JPA would inhibit local control of each city that participates.

CCA will not lower costs, but actually raise them. San Francisco had to suspend the program after  losing $4 million in investments. There are promises with no facts to back them up, and when the CCA fails, the taxpayers are stuck footing the bill.

Hermosa Beach is already reconsidering these proposals, since more residents are learning about the prohibitive costs associated with the program. The City of Lancaster has run into unprecedented cost overruns.

In Redondo Beach, the city must revote whether to continue further study into this wasteful Big Green Boondoggle. Councilwoman Laure Emdee reminded her colleagues that other pressing issues should receive the time and resources of city staff. I agree with her.

I would like to remind you that the man in charge of the South Bay Clean Power Advisory Committee is Joe Galliani. He clearly stated before the South Bay Air Quality Management District that the Torrance Refinery must be shut down. I could not disagree more with such an extreme policy. I concur with the 5-2 vote rejecting the resolution banning MHF last week.

If you oppose CCA, you're fat!
(and I am liar)
Galliani has harassed residents in Hermosa Beach because of their support for carbon energy. He demeans all critics and skeptics of global warming as “climate deniers” and referred to the refinery  owners as “mafia dons.” He has personally attacked me and others. Such hostile behavior suggests desperation to silence dissent rather than welcome an honest discussion of fact, evidences, and biological proofs.

The pressure for non-carbon forms of energy is based on an epic number of skewed data and false science, all of which claim that heated, extensive government intervention is required, or we will all be drowned underneath melted polar icecaps. It’s not the case.

Reject CCA. Vote no on  Item 9C and cease wasting time and resources exploring this Big Green Boondoggle.

Thank you.

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