Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Torrance City Council: Pass a Resolution and Oppose Sanctuary State Bill 54!

To the Torrance City Council:

My name is Arthur Schaper, a resident of Torrance and a member of We the People Rising, LA for Trump, and the Remembrance Project.

The state received some sad news yesterday, when the lawless, arrogant state senate chose to pass SB 54, mislabeled “The Values Act”, but better constituted as The Sanctuary State Bill.

Despite a few amendments, this legislation will still protect violent illegal aliens in our communities while also inviting more illegal immigration to the state of California. 

The legislation will still shield the following felons from deportation: 
  • ·         Kidnapping
  • ·         Hostage taking
  • ·         Human trafficking
  • ·         Child abuse
  • ·         Felony crimes with a hate crime enhancement
  • ·         Possession of a restricted biological agent

The bill still protects illegal aliens who have committed felonies as well as all misdemeanors.

Crime has been rising all over the state, including Torrance, CA, where I learned that the Post Office on Monterey Ave has closed down its lobby on Sundays because of repeated vandalism.

The bill’s author has admitted that he not only has family members living in the state of California illegally, but they rely on fake documents and stolen IDs in order to “survive”.

This is outrageous lawlessness.

I confronted my Congressman Ted Lieu to do something, but  he was not interested in talking to me or taking action. Instead, he has spent more time maligning our President on social media or sitting down on the floor of the House.

But there is something that this city council can do, which other cities and elected leaders have done.

I am asking this city council once again to adopt a resolution demanding a No vote on SB 54, regardless of future amendments. That piece of legislation passed following some amendments. I believe that more elected officials speaking out against this bill will ensure its slow demise in the months to come.

Your resolution will send a clear message to Sacramento, that you expect the state legislation to regard and prioritize the well-being of every citizen in Torrance.

And that you expect our lawmakers to respect and protect our law enforcement, too. After all, LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell has vocally opposed SB 54.

Thank you.

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  1. Thought you might find this of interest. Wondering if ICE will attend this meeting?