Tuesday, April 4, 2017

LA for Trump in Downtown LA--Again!

April 1, 2017 was April Fool's Day.

The only fools left in Los Angeles are the ones who oppose Donald Trump and refuse to recognize as our lawfully elected President.

The liberal loonies of Los Angeles were supposed to hold a rally "Fire the Fool."

But no one showed up.

The joke's on them, tough, since LA for Trump showed up anyway and represented for our President.

Check out what we saw, and who found us, too!

The Los Angeles Police Department showed up to ensure our safety.

There were some weirdos, like this guy wearing a viking helmet:

That is the lunacy of the Los Angeles anti-Trump movement.

Check out the empty streets below:

We also met outspoken Trump supporters, too!

Check out high school student Justin Mora from South Los Angeles.

Big time Trump supporter!

Then a couple from Dallas, Texas walked by and joined us briefly:

Oh, sure, there were haters.

These two just walked by:

 Others were totally unhinged yet ultimately powerless.

I crossed the street to talk this guy, who held up a mixed America-Mexico flag.

He refused to talk to me.

This guy went nuts when he saw LA for Trump.

He got violent and threatened to hit people, too.

Why was he wearing goggles that day?

This black guy is a textbook example of Trump Derangement Syndrome.


This guy shows up to lots of Trump events.

He is an Evan McMullin acolyte.

He was respectful, but completely obsessed with all the anti-Trump talking points from a candidate who served as an Independent "also-ran" conservative who was working with Establishment types try and deny Donald Trump an Election Day victory.

Which did not happen.

Here are some other crazies:

Since LA for Trump is so used to the petty hate, we just laugh if off now.

"You lost!"


Check out some choice photos from the event too!

And also:

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