Monday, April 28, 2014

Donald Sterling is a Hater -- And So Are You! (Confused?)

Donald Sterling.

I recognize that name. He's the big time philanthropist who advertises big prizes, awards, and giveaways in the LA Times.

He must have a lot of money.

He also owns the LA Clippers

And following the his incendiary, and yes


comments to his girlfriend, tape-recorded and released for the world to hear it may appear that no one will take his money now.


Donald Sterling was yelling at his girlfriend, telling her not to take picture of herself on Instagram with other black people. I say "other" because Sterling's girlfriend is half-black and half-Hispanic.

The uproar over his leaked comments hit the press.

The Daily Breeze blasted his face on the front page, next to his girlfriend, then reported on the rising reactions against the man for his comments.

So, rich guy Donald Sterling is racist, or is he a racist, in that he should be defined by the feelings he has about black people?

Or is he a hater?

He dated a woman of mixed minority heritage. But he doesn't like black people.

The guy is racist, and they guy is very mixed up, too.

Better question -- who cares?

The greater blowback, however, flies to hollow nonsense which has dirtied up the Internet. He donated to Democrats, yet he was a registered Republican. Or was he?

And therefore, Sterling is a representative for the Dems, or the GOP?

"I'm a hater, you're a hater. . ."
Give me a break! He also donated to the NAACP. The association has recently given him back all their money. When will the leader of the North Carolina chapter apologize for calling black Republican US Senator Tim Scott " a dummy."

So the NAACP is racist by association, then, too?

When does the hater not-so-merry-go-round end?

I picture Jason Alexander, aka George Costanza taking center stage and singing "I'm a hater, you're a hater. . ."

Diet Dr. Hater, anyone? Do you remember that one Seinfeld episode, where Elaine was dating a guy whom she thought was black? She didn't have the courage to ask if he was black of not, because that would be. . .racist.

Still, Elaine started seeing herself as black by association. When one the servers at the local diner brought her the check, Elaine said "I hear ya, sister!" because the waitress was black.

"But I thought you  were Hispanic!"
Wow! I guess that makes Elaine a hater, too.

At the end of that episode, Elaine's boyfriend finally admits that he thought she was Hispanic. "What? No, I'm not."

 "So, we're just too white people?"

OK. . .

Does that make them racist because they realized that they were not the races that they thought they were?

Maybe Sterling could have learned something more about race relations watching Seinfeld. Then again, he's probably so busy watching all those Clippers games.

But he wants to watch them without black people. . .and his girlfriend was black, right?

And how did this whole tizzy get started, anyway?

Oh, yeah, someone was recording his private conversation. That damned NSA! Speaking of which, would the media not be spending its wasted ink and print exposing the outrageous, shameful, criminal invasions of the federal government into every private person's cellphone, email, and Google searches

"But, but, but Barack Obama is black, and that would make us  . . .racist."


Oh, why are we stopping at Sterling, then? Was it not the LA Times which printed the philanthropist's advertisements weekly, monthly, year in/year out?

So, the LA Times is racist too!

The Daily Breeze gave this racist guy front page prominence.

That is racist! You are all a bunch of haters, Daily Breeze! Should we call them "The Daily Sleaze?"

Yes, except on the days when anything that I have written is printed there, too.

Seriously, though, really. . .

The whole culture of entitled offense is getting really annoying.

Clive Bundy is a hater because he compared slavery to welfare. A stupid analogy? Yes. A racist? No.

The New York Times went out of its way to make him look like one, thought, editing his remarks so much that no one read about his remarks in support of all that Hispanic people are going through in this country, as well as the damaging effects of the welfare state.

So, since the New York Time when out of its way to portray Bundy as a hater, then they must be haters, too!

The real alarming element in all of this, frankly, falls on the failing, flailing Fourth Estate, the Press, which is supposed to be exposing misrule through publicity, but has spent more time printing these limited, incendiary stories about individuals who make off-hand remarks about race, as if they define the current state of race relations.

Yawn. Shrug. Meh.

Donald Sterling is a hater, and so are you!

No, no, no.

Donald Sterling made racist remarks, and has deep prejudices? Yes.

But why were we listening to this private conversation in the first place? And why is this man's inner perversions about other people taking so much press space in the first place in the face of Secretary of State John Kerry's remarks that Israel has created an apartheid state? Such remarks from an international official have timeless and global implications. He also ought to step down.

Kerry the racist! Where's the front page headlines on this guy? He said these awful remarks in front of lots of people and he intended other people to hear them.

File:Bill Maher by David Shankbone cropped.jpg
"You know, that
Michelle Obama lady. .
She's racist, too!"
Or how about when the former president of Iran Ahmed-nutjob, who "We are going to blow Israel off the face of the earth!" Such comments cannot be ignored, as they represent an immoral, evil leader in a hostile nation suggesting serious, damaging force against another country.

Even lib-comic Bill Maher takes threats against the state of Israel seriously. He also had the savvy to call out Michelle Obama's racist remarks about other blacks, "who are more interested in balling than studying".

The black guest on Bill Maher's show was surprised by that remark, because he was ready to blame a white politician for that remark.

I guess that makes him a hater, too, then, huh?

Or does it?


You're racist!


  1. Perhaps his mistress should have not recorded him.secretly, but it is amazing to me that there are still hateful people like that in the United States of America. He is not the type of example that we need as an example for our children. He is exactly the type of person.that Obama would have a field day with. If the tape is authenticated then I really feel bad for his team members. He said that he clothed them and feeds them. Did he ever think that his team was bringing fans into the stands, making him more money, unless of course he wanted to use the team as a tax write off. Either way he is an example of how not to act. I believe he is about to pay for his indiscretions and his holier than those attitude and his bigoted and racist remarks. Hopefully many Will learn from this man mistakes.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Karen. My growing concern is that the comments and character of private citizens is taking up so much space compared to the current Commander in Chief and his culture of corruption and scandal. The race card is getting all played out in this country. Please visit and share your thoughts on my post about Dr. Ben Carson, US Senator Jeff Sessions, and President Barack Obama.

      Thanks again!

    2. Karen, you know that Artie's a nutbag, right?

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  8. Banned for life! But Artie doesn't think he's a racist at all. You are a f****** idiot.

  9. You didn't read the post? Too bad. Or were you unable to?

  10. Why didn't you reprint the dialogue with f-word edited? Unable to communicate with curse words? I was right -- small minds use massive profanities to give an impression of making strong arguments. When you can stop hiding behind "Anonymous", I know that you will have shown some capacity for courage.

    1. Archer Christian SchapperApril 29, 2014 at 2:43 PM

      "Capacity for courage"? What would YOU know about courage, scab?

    2. You see it right now. You cannot even write your own name. I pity your cowardce. It must be quite sad. And yes, this is quite entertaining for me and many others. You have increased my outreach! Thanks again!

    3. Archer Christian SchapperApril 30, 2014 at 7:20 AM

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    4. Archer Christian SchapperApril 30, 2014 at 12:51 PM

      Farty, I ask again: what would you know about courage? You are weak and thin-skinned.

  11. I Am Anonymous! (Not the one who feeds Artie unsolicited emails, though)April 29, 2014 at 12:11 PM

    Waaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Artie's Aggrievment Tour continues!!!!!!!! It must suck to go through life as an ignorant fired school teacher writing nonsense for free.

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  16. Oh, Arthur. So sad saboteurs have destroyed your blog. Who are these people?

    1. Well, lots of deletes. It looks like you've lost control of your own blog to saboteurs. The comment section of blogs is usually interesting but yours is now ruined. I've only visited the blog twice and probably won't return. I wish you better luck in the control of your own website.

  17. Karen Lawrence wrote a wonderful response and I agree with her 100%. I am glad Sterling was removed from the spotlight and hopefully we will not have to see his smirking little face again. What he did to his team and the people around him is unforgivable...that being said, what his girlfriend did was also wrong in every sense of the word and hopefully she will be taken down with him. What a sad sad world we are living in, and the Obama administration has exposed that (or made it worse) by stirring that race pot every step of the way. Yes, this should be a learning experience. When people are easily placed upon that stage of martyr-ship it's very clear that they can be kicked right off that stage as quickly as they climbed that latter and when all is said and done, even their money can't save them from their own stupidity.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one Art...another great article! Sad that not everyone agrees and they go on to make a full and total "Don Sterling" of themselves.

  18. Bren, the Obama Administration has done no such thing. The press asks him a question--as a black man and our first black president--and he answers it. That's stirring that race pot"? A little vehement in your Obama hatred, aren't you, Bren? You are either a racist or an idiot. Maybe you're both.

  19. The comment section of this blog is constantly getting attacked by the same small group of people. These individuals have no idea what freedom of speech is and they use the comment section of blogs like this to express themselves instead of being proactive and getting their own blog started. It's sad to see that the publisher has to constantly deal with ignorance in his comment section. To the comment spammers, get a life and stop helping Republicans prove a point. If you have something to say, say it but be respectful of the fact that this is "personal opinion" and that you are not the Blog Police. Give it up Earl, Anonymous, and whatever other names are being used. Take your negativity and hatred elsewhere. Want to rebuttal some post, make it sound somewhat intelligent. With your hatred, you are no different than Mr. Sterling.