Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Big Business RINO Parade Must Be Purged. How?

On at least one point Bernie-crats and conservative Republicans agree: corporations should not get hand-outs, bail-outs, or easy outs from their bad decisions.

It is wrong for the state to be taken over by crony interests out to line their pockets with our money at our expense. Yet President Trump is taking on the Big Business interests with renewed vigor.

His latest immigration reform proposal, working with US Senators David Perdue (R-GA) and Tom Cotton (R-AR), is just what this country needs:

1. Reducing levels of legal immigration
2. Adopting a point-based merit system
3. Expectation that immigrants speak English
4. High-skilled immigrant labor force only
5. Comprehensive welfare reform

What's not to like? Numbers USA and the Center for Immigration Studies have been pressing for these kinds of reforms for decades. Since the mid 1960s, legal immigration levels have risen considerably, all as part of a political maneuver from the Democratic Party to bring in more low-skilled immigrant voters who would depend on the government ... and vote Democratic.

The infusion of more labor capital has hurt working American wages and decimated communities across the country. Add to the influx of cheap labor the outflow of American companies to third-world countries which take advantage of slave-like conditions. Pile on this economic disunity H-AB expansionism, and a perfect storm of lingering joblessness results.

There would not have to be a Rust Belt if Washington DC politicians represented the best interests of the country, and specifically the working countrymen all over, than the political and regulatory manipulation of Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce. Donald Trump's rallying cry to manufacturers, to hand-working skilled labor, and to middle-income communities all over the country brought him an unprecedented victory.

Of course, what response does Trump get from his Republican colleagues in the US Senate? More delay, more resistance, more rejection. This chokehold of the cheap labor lobby has become untenable. Trump's celebrated electoral victory on November 8, 2016 was a welcome achievement, but it was only the first of many steps. His executive actions have forced down illegal immigration levels to a trickle. His travel ban from six failed states in the Middle East and North Africa has curtailed unemployable migrants into the country.

But legal immigration levels need to be tackled and taken down. The United States of America cannot handle 1,000,000+ immigrants every year. Despite concerns of a population bust among native-born Americans, these overwhelming levels of immigration are not acceptable. The low-skilled workers which dominate this mass migration are hurting our working American populace, all while driving up the costs of goods and housing.

It's time to reduce legal immigration, but the Big Business/Chamber of Commerce lobby is still staunchly opposed to these pro-American reforms. What's worse, just as soon as another set of Republicans get elected, their Big Business handlers start making unconstitutional, anti-worker pushes again.

US Senator Thom Tillis (R-North Carolina) has fallen into this category. Lindsey Graham has always been in bondage to the Chamber of Commerce. Repeatedly he has offered immigration compromises to the floor of the United States Senate, all predicated on the flawed argument that he must attracted Democratic votes.

Yet even Democratic voters throughout the country are taking a firm stance against more immigration.

Sadly, even conservative Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) is falling in line with this anti-American worker hostility.


When does this hurting stop?

The Republican National Committee has raised unprecedented amounts of money over the last six months. They have broken previous fundraising records, with no debt, while the Democratic National Committee struggles for money and relevance. Is all this inflow of cash a result of pushing Big Business favoritism?


The RNC Chairwoman  Rhoda McDaniel is very sensitive to the needs of working Americans.
What is to be done, then? Surely we can get rid of the Big Business spigots at this point. Who needs this nonsense?

There is no way that the Republican Presidential candidate could have swept this legacy Democratic states along the Rust Belt without a pro-worker, anti-amnesty Presidential contender. The Congressional and US Senate candidates for Election 2018 must pass a pro-worker checklist:

1. Are they committed to meaningful tax reform that will enhance home-grown business and job growth?
2. Are they committed to a complete crackdown on illegal immigration, especially sanctuary cities and VISA overstays?
3. Will they support President Trump's RAISE Act?

The Republican grassroots and conservative activists need to confront this pro-amnesty corporate cronyism problem unequivocally.

Republican elected officials o not go to Washington DC to line up the pockets of Big Business. Trump's victory showed the power of policy integrity and popular momentum. The fight is just beginning, however, and further purge of the Big Business RINO Parade is in order for the next two election cycles.

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