Friday, August 4, 2017

More Videos from Politicon 2017: Splitter News Interviews

Splitter News contacted me and recorded my views on a number of reflections at Politicon 2017:

I am so pleased and impressed that they captured my remarks at the "Trump vs. The Media" panel.

I would not have shouted so decisively, but the bias on the panel was unconscionable.

What is going with any political convention or panel of discussion if no one is willing to speak favorably about the President?

Splitter News later interview me in the hallway following one of the other convention forums.

They handled the discussion very well, and I was glad to share with them the corrupt things that the Republican Party of Los Angeles County Central Committee had done to the Beach Cities Republicans.

Saturday morning, before Politicon, I had converged on a secret Central Committee meeting held in Yucaipa, in which San Bernardino Republican officials were hiding out and planning a strategy for the wayward California Republicans on Cap and Trade.

The meeting was supposed to be held in Rancho Cucamonga at a local realty office in Victoria Gardens. When the owners found out about the grassroots lining up to protest, they cancelled the meeting.

But I digress. The point is that other conservative activists along with me have been very busy, and we have no interest in slowing down. It's been very exciting for all of us.

And I ma glad that Splitter News wanted to know more about all of it.

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