Thursday, August 3, 2017

Busting the Lies: Americans Will Take Jobs that "Only Immigrants Will Work"

I just received this email.

This lady was looking for workers at the local Home Depot, but the illegal aliens lined up along the sidewalk were asking for inflate wages.


Read her own below:

Last weekend at HOME DEPOT. We needed help to “load and unloaded boxes to a Storage place”. I went to Home Depot looking for some help. There was a group of unskilled Mexicans maybe all illegals looking for job. They run fast towards me. I explained what the job was about, and I asked how much do you charge? They all said $15.00 dollars. They form like a Union. I am very sure the leaders threaten to the ones want to work for less money.

I went back home. The following day I advertised the same add in “Orange County Craig’s list” at 6:30 am. we want to pay $10.00 to $15.00 per hour. IN TEN MINUTES 17 young AMERICANS sent me Text messages. In few words they also explained to me about their background. We hired two guys and canceled the add immediately. That means that many of our people are looking for a job. They were responsible, hard and fast workers. HIRE AMERICANS.

How about that?

Americans are ready and willing to work the jobs which our political class has determined will never get done by our own people.

And it's a bold-faced lie.

We can Make America Work Again. It starts with respect for our American fellow-citizens, and a generous respect for the ingenuity and opportunity that all of them can act on.

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