Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Winning! "Bye Felicia" Article Gets YUGE Shares Without My Sharing

There was only thing that I worried about when I decided to get off the Facebook grid.

I have articles that I write for my own blog as well as for other media sites. What will happen to my readership if I stopped sharing articles on Facebook?

At this point, I am just glad to be free from the overwhelming cares and interruptions from that social media site.

Then I saw this tweet from Bill Mitchell:

That post was issued today, and before that he complained that he wanted to open up another Facebook account, yet it was immediately viewed as "suspicious activity."

Bill, join the club! It's time to say "Bye Felicia!" to Facebook!

Now, about my article on Townhall.com ...

Yesterday afternoon, the article had received a grand total of 122 shares.

Not that great. If I had put it out there all over the Internet with Facebook, it would have gone much further.

Someone else apparently took care of that for me.

Check out this tweet from this morning:

What a high honor.

I imagine that this retweet led to the following:

If more people started using Gab and Twitter, imagine what that would do to the entire corporate model for the corrupt Facebook franchise!

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