Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Repost the Reproach: The Advocate Attacks Me Again

The Advocate is the pro-LGBT "watchdog" which seeks to shame men and women of faith, as well as conservatives in general who believe in pro-family values.

They love to shame me for my strong, pro-biology views on life and marriage.

In fact, let's adjust that to "attempt to shame me" for my views.

I do not receive their shame. In fact, it's a badge of honor for them to attack me for believing what I believe, because my views are affirmed by biblical as well as biological truth.

Over at BarbWire, Arthur Schaper, who’s known for disrupting city council meetings and political forums around California, called transgender people mentally ill. “Let’s state the facts plainly,” he wrote. “Transgenderism is not a civil right, nor an alternative form of self-expression. It’s a mental disorder based on an ideology which undermines the foundations of our culture, of any society. More gender studies, based in biological research as opposed to social justice sentiment, confirm that the sexual characteristics of male and female are immutable.
“Taking a knife to one’s private parts or shoving plastic bags into one’s chest will not turn a man into a woman. Besides, service in our nation’s military depends on well-grounded, sane men and women who are committed to the greater good of protecting our country and ensuring the safety of their fellow officers.”
I do not uibble or differ with one thing that is printed up there---aside from their bare attempt ot shame me over disrupting city council meetings and political forums. The double-standard from the liberal mainstream media is just shameless. They turn a blind eye to liberals and progressives screaming at elected officials in town halls, but they condemn conservatives for calling out elected officials and demanding accountability within town halls--which are raucus by nature, are they not?

Another fail by the Advocate in Name Only.
Repost the reproach!

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