Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Reactions to My Decision to Bail on Facebook

Facebook turned out to be more of a bane than a boon after all.

I cannot believe how free I am now.

I have the freedom to read and write as much or as little as I had wanted to. For the past month, I was overwhelmed with phone calls, messages, texting, planning, solving problems, etc.

Now I get to return to what I have been good at doing for the longest time: writing.

This passion has gotten me good gigs, and I anticipate that all of this will open up more doors for me in the very near future.

Finally, I do not have to worry about constant responses and digs from other people. I don't have to care about the internecine dramas of individual friends and groups.

It's good to be able to focus on what really matters.

Some of the people who had been following me on Facebook told me that moving away from the platform was a mistake. I would lose contact with key people throughout the state. Then again, I have found that some of the most effective people active in Southern California do not use the medium at all. One man told me that he had experimented with it briefly, but then walked away from it when people from his past long ago were suddenly reaching out to him out of nowhere.

The privacy issue was a growing concern for me and others I spoke with. Why were all these people calling me whom I had never known before? There were other people that I friended on Facebook, but then they were calling me, too? Creepy and frustrating.

I am also glad to know that more people are quitting Facebook. The media has become so fascist. Who wants to participate on a medium more interested in suppressing dissent instead of fostering dialogue?

Now Google has been exposed pushing a PC culture within the firm and on the search engine, too. One of the employees exposed this anti-reality cult, then was summarily terminated.

We need to wake up to the Internet technology "Masters of the Universe", folks.

This is getting crazier by the minute, and the powers that be in Silicon Valley are still quaking and shaking about the fact that Donald Trump is the President, a conservatives' conservative who has cut spending while gutting the corruption and graft.

As for my leaving Facebook, I have never felt more free, and I hope that more people share my sentiment about getting off the overwhelming media platform.

Conservatives are the new counter-culture, and real Republicans are the new punk rock.

Let's take down the Establishment Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe and make Free Speech Great Again!

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