Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Comment to Huntington Park City Council: More Public Employee Dismissals Needed

I will be speaking on Closed Session item #1, dismissal of public employee.

I think there are two more public “employees” who need to be removed: Julian Zatarain and Fransciso Medina.

I believe that you will be facing more employee dismissals in the near future.

Why? Because you have already put at risk every dollar of federal funding because of your decision to appoint two illegal aliens to city commissions.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already begun cutting the funding to all sanctuary cities, to all jurisdictions who are out of compliance with federal immigration laws.

You are brazenly out of compliance, not only on the illegal immigration question, but also a repeated pattern of violating the civil rights of citizens in this city and from elsewhere.

This council removed Dr. Robert Newman for no good reason. This council also removed me when I asked one question about the agenda. This council called a snap special meeting at 8:30am December 23, 2015 to break a contract with HP Tow. Then you had to go back on that.

When it comes to hiring and terminating your public employees, I would urge you to fire your city attorney, the corrupt Arnold Glasman, a man who has been pushed out of other city councils before. He has given you terrible advice time and again, and you just keep falling for it. Then there’s Cosme Lozano and Joseph Settles—then  add to that list Alfred “Full Capacity” Martinez. Rogue police who disobey our laws while claiming to follow orders. The Nazis said the same thing while throwing jews into ovens.

To the remaining police officers in the city of Huntington Park I would urge you to look at the Torrance, CA website. We are currently hiring lateral entry officers. Higher compensation, less corruption.

This city council on record has attempted to silence and suppress the speech of the members of the audience. You have a problem with dismissing good people. The previous city clerk refused to allow Karina Macias to circulate papers to run for office in 2013. Why? She didn’t live in the city
Then of course there was that one day when I was called out of order for doing nothing—then unreasonably removed from the city council chambers—I was unjustly arrested. You lied on your minutes from the June 6th, 2017 city council meeting, when I had not been called out of order prior, nor had I disrupted the meeting.

There are a few more public employees who should be dismissed by the city of Huntington Park:
1. Sergio Infanzon, who told a black woman to “Go Back to Africa”.

2. Donna Schwartz, who brazenly refused to file the UUT tax repeal, who had claimed that no fee was needed, then rejected the paperwork because suddenly a fee was required.

3. The entire Huntington Park City Counciil. Of course, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions cuts off funding then isolates rogue officials who refuse to abide by our nation’s immigration laws, I am certain that he will be taking care of you five very shortly.

God bless Attorney General Jeff Sessions! God Bless Donald Trump!

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