Thursday, August 3, 2017

Facebook Has Turned Into Fascist-Book -- and More Left-Wing Desperate Moves

It's happening folks.

Conservatives, Republicans, and all freedom fighting Christians have become the new counter culture.

And the media establishment does not want our fight to succeed.

This media establishment includes the corporate social  media, like Facebook.

They are committed to silencing the voices of dissent against the lawlessness, the Radical Islamic agenda, and other perverse displays of pro-globalists, anti-individualist programs.

This kind of madness must be confronted. The Big Three corporate media has lost its once all-powerful chokehold on media expression in the airwave commons. Social media has made it all too easy for people to express their views, no matter how heinous, confrontational, or unconventional.

Facebook is losing credibility for the selective purges, bans, and blocks imposed on different readers and writers.

This insanity must cease.

Facebook has turned into Fascist-Book, and we need to fight back.

We can report our complaints. We can let the corporate heads know what is going on.

Maybe we need to engage in an en masse boycott.

Either way, the fact that the Facebook censors ignore racist propaganda from Brown Supremacists or illegal aliens, all while posting good, wholesome, conservative content is just unacceptable.

This hatred of the First Amendment must be confronted, and we need to do everything in our power to ensure that private entities are allowing full expression. Milo confronted the stark reality that Twitter, as a private company, had every right to limit, suspend, or ban users as they saw fit. With this in mind, there is no excuse for any company to claim the mantle of free speech advocacy when going to great lengths to silence dissent.

Check out what happened to conservative Millennial (almost post-Millennial) Hunter Avallone:

He's also facing increase issues with YouTube--which has declared war on Pepe the Frog:

But let's focus on Facebook for now, shall we? So many SJW social media sites, so little time.

This video contains some really disturbing content:


Rebel Media calls out Facebook for banning her because ... she was exposing the relentless censorship on Facebook:


The corporate social media giants, like Mark Zuckerberg, are convinced that they have a right to filter views and shelter their left-wing or liberal-leaning hordes.

No wonder one conservative media type was telling me that zombies have taken over Facebook. No one really wants to debate or discuss ideas anymore. They either want to paint conservatives and true liberals as bigots and racists, or they want to supress their speech--or just kill them!

This fight just got real, but we have more ammo than before.

I am now using as well as Twitter to share my posts, articles, and ideas.

I urge more people to consider doing the same. It seems to be strange, if not impossible, for Facebook to remain in business much longer, since they continue silencing dissent. As long as we the consumers exercising our purchasing and usage power, we can force Facebook to respect freedom of speech and expression.

Or they can atrophy and die. Freedom of speech is here to stay, and conservatives are not going to back down from this fight!

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