Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Media Fail: Another Illegal Alien Pastor Sob Story (Noe Carias)

First, there was former Pastor  Jorge Ramirez of Oceanside California. He was an illegal alien, but he had lived peacefullly and uietly in the United States.

He was a pastor, he worked for a living, he got married and gave birth to three wonderful children. To top all of that, he was a proud, vocal Trump supporter--even though he could not vote for him--and he told his children to vote for Trump.

Then he tried to file for a permit, and was hauled into immigration court for unlawful presence in the United States. Now he sits in an ICE detention center facing deportation.

As expected, the liberal mainstream media is making a whole bunch of hay out of this story. This poor illegal alien! He was serving this country (?). He's a godly man who never did anything wrong (besides breaking into this country and residing here illegally). He's a Trump supporter, too.

Then, of course, the media underscores his grave doubts about Trump. "I thought he was only going after violent criminal aliens!"

"Poor illegal alien .... pastor! We must allow for blanket amnesty!"

Trump made no such promise, and the new Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Jeff Sessions, has made it clear that anyone in the United States illegally is subject to deportation. As we know all too well, however, the media is decidedly pro-illegal alien. refusing to recognize the lawlessness of the mass immigration problems facing this country, but is decidedly determined to ignore the economic and public safety problems associated with illegal immigration.

During the last week of June and the first week of July, the press and television were fawning over the plight of Pastor Jorge.

No one could ignore the obvious attempt by the media to promote a brazen pro-illegal alien story to promote the plight of the poor, god-fearing illegal alien at the expsne of our nation's laws and national sovereignty.

Of course, the San Diego Union-Tribune, despite their best efforts, could sell the story or pull at heart-strings enough to get people riled up. The fact is that this country, and more importantly the legal inhabitants of the country, have been more than generous--and tolerant. The 1987 Simpson-Mizzolli Compromise included amnesty but also a border wall, which was never built. The American people expected immigration reform which would secure the border, stop the rampant illegal alien crossings, and put the best interests of Americans first.

Now,  CNN is trying to pull at the same gullible public's heart strings. Enter Stage Left, the plight of Pastor Noe Carias, currently on hold in an ICE Detention center in Adelanto. Despite the personalized, pleasant follow-up which features the nice pastor compared to the cramped room.

But this statement stands out:

Carias, 42, is being held at the Adelanto Detention Facility, in California's high desert, for crossing the border illegally in the 1990s.

The guy was caught in 2014, and granted one-year stays to get his status together, but he never did.

And now he's getting deported:

"I've never been arrested by police," he says. "I'm a minister. I have my American citizen wife, being married for 14 years. I have two kids. I support the economy of this country and I paying my taxes. I never commit crime in this country."

Let's start from the last statement. He did break this law. He did commit a crime. He entered the United States illegally. That is inexcusable. Why is it that the United States must disregard its immigration laws, while every other country gets to erect walls or shoot to kill on sight?

Just because someone is a pastor, or served in the United States Military, does not mean that we should just arbitarirly ignore or disregard our immigration laws. These kinds of sob stories are gettin pushed in our faces to give the wider national audience a sense of guilt, or generate disgust with President Trump.

Then again, maybe there's nothing to worry about, since CNN is ranked so low, that Nickelodeon and other rerun channels are getting better ratings.

Carias is one of the undocumented immigrants the administration of former President Barack Obama considered less of a priority, as ICE officers focused on deporting felons. Under President Donald Trump, the policy has shifted.

ICE guidelines now direct officers to "take enforcement action against all removable aliens." ICE has reported that in the first 100 days after President Trump signed executive orders on immigration enforcement, arrests of undocumented immigrants with no other criminal convictions were up more than 50% compared to last year.

There is nothing wrong with our President, the Attorney General, and all attending enforcement officers from the federal level down to the cities enforcing our immigration laws. This pastor had resided in the United States for 22 something years already! How long does it take to become a legal resident? How about becoming a fully-fledged citizen? Not that long, and it's not that hard.

Yet Pastor Noe didn't bother to follow through? What's the reason why? The article does not provide a reason, but ICE gives a reason why this good pastor was actually a pretty "bad hombre":

According to ICE, Carias is "a repeat immigration violator who has assumed multiple identities and nationalities over the years in order to evade federal immigration enforcement."

I wonder if he bought a fake ID or a stolen Social Security Number in MacArthur Park, like State Senate President Kevin de Leon and his corrupt, illegal alien family? 

Then the article takes a particularly racist turn, detailing how the future of the Evangelical church movement is "brown", and that white ministers need to do whatever they can to stop the deportations of this "god-fearing" ministers.

Give me a break!

No wonder CNN is tanking with viewers. Americans by and large want illegal immigration to cease. They also want legal immigration curtailed, and the needs of Americans placed first. The United States of America cannot be the Battered Women's Shelter of the World. We have untold millions of Americans who are out of work, homeless, in foster care, orphanages, in need of dire medical attention.

Besides, when will the liberal mainstream media report on the long-term damage done to this country because of illegal immigration? When will they sit down and learn from Kate Steinle's parents? What about Angie Morfin, or the millions of other Americans whose family members have been killed by illegal aliens? The lop-sided, pro-illegal narrative is just sickening, and the idea that American audiences will fall for this "Illegal Alien Pastor" sympathy card is truly disgusting.

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