Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Facebook Blocks (Latino) Conservatives, But Allows Hate Speech?

It has finally happened to me, too.

For the last two months, my Latinos for Trump friends have told me that they get blocked from their Facebook accounts.

Robert "Latino Heat" Herrerra has reported on this for the last month.

Harim Uzziel was blocked from Facebook for an entire month. He had to go to YouTube in order to live-stream key events.

Now, it has happened to me.

Monday afternoon, I received a message that one of my posts violated community standards. I could not post, respond, or comment on anything on Facebook for 24 hours. The ban ended yesterday afternoon, which was great.

Then I went to the Ted Lieu Town Hall in Laguna Niguel. Facebook Live flickered in and out because of the weak Internet reception. Then again, other conservatives have complained that they lose reception because of other, more censorious features.

Let me give Facebook the benefit on the Facebook Live Issues.

Where I draw the line is that Facebook censors are taking the words of hostile elements out and about reporting my posts as well as the posts of other people in the Trump Movement, specifically Latinos for Trump.

Now, in stark contrast, checkc out what Samaria reported:

I post something putting Brown Supremacists and racist illegals, and I get blocked for one day or for three days.

But these hatemongers have such inciteful rhetoric like "Kill All White People", and nothing happens?!

This is insidious.

It must be exposed.

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