Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Even Chicago Illegal Aliens Hate Me: Winning!

If it were not for the failed smear piece printed in the Sacramento Bee, I would have not learned about this extended hate-hit piece published in Chicago, Illinois.

This is beyond hilarious. It is a testimony to the brazen desperation of the open-borders left.

The New Racist, pro-illegal movement
Based out of Chicago

Check out this link here.

Notice the same heartless, baseless slur "anti-immigrant."

Funny! It's just as played out as the race card.

Now check out the nonsense that they wrote about me:

More recently, We the People activist and Beach Cities Republican club president Arthur Schaper’s actions led to the L.A. County Republican Party revoking its charter for the Beach Cities club. “In a statement, the county GOP cited Schaper’s ‘inappropriate activities’ — disrupting meetings, intimidating elected officials and citizens — as a major reason for pulling the charter,” The LA Times reported. “‘Complaints about his activities from elected officials and everyday citizens reflect badly on the Republican Party,’ the party said.” Schaper’s recent activity includes a hosting a meeting in May that featured a brief presentation by Joseph Turner, a far-right nationalist working to revitalize his past anti-immigrant activism in the Trump era.

What's especially interesting is that there was no mention of my or other club members' disrupting meetings or going to town halls when they announced the baseless decision to revoke the charter. In fact, the only reasons cited to me and others was that we had a Libertarian candidate speak at the club. Then there were scattered remarks about revealing internal disputes within the party.

Neither of those two points are mentioned in the Los Angeles Times article. The Republican Party of Los Angeles County Central Committee lied to the press and to the Beach Cities Republicans.

As for hosting Joseph Turner, there is no "there there."

Turner has worked with American citizens of all backgrounds to ensure that American children and adults are taken care of, not illegal aliens. And why does this Chicago based hate-group insist on claiming racism about illegal immigration? Do they believe that all illegal aliens have brown or black skin? There are Irish illegal aliens throughout New England, and an illegal alien Canadian in a San Diego County jail cell at this time--and even then, the Canadian may be black, Hispanic, Asian, or any other background, too!

The more heated and desperate the attacks, the more it becomes clear to all who are watching and reading that the desperate, racist, open-borders Left is losing power and now losing their minds.

I am proud to be working with some people to Make California Great Again, to make it great for all legal residents.

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