Sunday, April 2, 2017

We the People Rising Pay "Sanctuary State" Ben Allen's Office a Visit

Unlike many California residents, I can visit the districts offices for my state representatives with relative ease. Earlier this week, I went to Assemblyman Al Muratuchi's (D-Torrance) office. The staffers recognized immediately (no surprise there).

SB 54 should not even hit the floor of the state senate, even though the bill is scheduled for the final vote before heading over the state assembly. My attendance at my assemblyman's office was to ensure that he was prepared to stall or stop that bill before it even came to any vote in the lower chamber.

On Thursday, March 30, I went to my state senator's office, Ben Allen (D-Redondo Beach). The staffers were pretty disrespectful. The state senator just all up and announced to his staffers that he was going to sign off on this dreaded bill.


Shameful, too, and the staffers then told me that all the electical and Internet services froze on them.

Sure they did.

I was really angry. I wanted to make it very clear to the state senator that he was making a terrible mistake, a immoral and terrible decision.

I contacted LA for Trump and We the People Rising, and they were ready to come down and set Senator Ben Allen's mind straight to oppose SB 54.

I was particularly keen on having an Angel Mom attend, who could present the real human cost of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities:

Agnes Gibboney

Another friend of mine, a resident of Redondo Beach, joined us for our citizen lobby to state senator Ben Allen's office, too

Gary Mlynek:

Our first step into the building, we had to confront a racist La Raza type. She was inflamed against us right away, shouting about how we stole "their land."

The insanity has seeped into every part of the state.

It's outrageous and insane. This is the kind of mindset taking over the state of California, and We the People need to fight it.

Our team split up briefly into two teams, one taking the stairs and the other going into the small elevator.

When we got the senator's office, lo and behold--the door was locked.

Well, well, well.

Instead of getting angry and defeated, everyone of us stated our outrage and causes for concern because of Senator Allen's support for SB 54:

Here's Mike McGetrick:

Robert Lauten:

From Harim Uzziel:

Here are my remarks to my absentee, arrogant State Senator:

Our newest member, Tom Greene of Culver City, also joined us:

We the People Rising and LA for Trump put our stamp on the hallway:

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