Saturday, April 8, 2017

Voter Fraud in Huntington Park (Photos)

Voter fraud in Huntington Park.

Yes, it's real.

Check out the final tally for the March 7, 2017 election:

Karina Macias was under investigation from the LA County DA's office.

Former Council candidate Kerry Porter found something interesting in the trash.

Voter and ballot devices from the Los Angeles County registrar-record were right there in the gutter outside of his home, too!

Check out the photos below:

All of this voting material was found in the white bag in the second picture from the bottom.

This is incredible.

All of this was found in a box labeled "Emergency and Sample Ballots."


And about the woman who had thrown all of this "trash" onto the curb ...

That woman, who lives near Kerry Porter, was also a poll watcher!


When she saw Kerry Porter collecting the trash in the photos above, she looking like a dear in headlights.

The brother of former mayor Graciela Ortiz was walking by about an hour later, trying to find the "trash" above.

Too late!

Why would Los Angeles County voter material end up in a trash can near a resident's home?

And it only gets worse.

Family members and friends of the city council and former mayor John Noguez were poll watchers, too.


Corruption is rife, and voter fraud is more evident than ever in Huntington Park.

FYI: The FBI have been informed about this evidence of voter fraud.


  1. OMG. So, now what?
    Jail, Recall, .....

  2. So they had the ability to produce hundreds if not thousands of fake ballots to vote for their people. And this is how they do it. No other explanation.

  3. Wow! That is crazy! Great investigative work! Wonder if any of the msm will pick up this story... o_0