Saturday, April 8, 2017

More WINNING!: Two More Cities Reject Sanctuary City Status

California activists all over the state are not taking the 2/3 Democratic supermajority sitting down.

Even if the political class has completely lost touch with the needs and concerns of California citizens, we are loudly reminding that we are going nowhere.

We are louder and prouder than ever as Trump supporters, and we intended to support our President and his actions to end the destruction of our once Golden State.

Federal intervention has become a necessity since the state government is putting the clamp down on county and local  governments. 

In spite of all this tragedy and the growing, rampant lawlessness across the state of California, local leaders in key cities are refusing to bow down to this destructive regressive nonsense.

We the People of the state of California are fighting back, and no one is going to stop us!


Two more cities rejected sanctuary city status:

Victoria Howard in Tulare:

The city had two "sanctuary" items on agenda: 1) Tulare to designate as "sanctuary" and 2) adopting official position of support for SB 54.

The first 20 mins of meeting was closed session. Upon Council's return, the mayor pulled the Tulare sanctuary designation item off the agenda, stating it was an error. Most of us still spoke on the matter, just shifting it to our opposition of SB 54.

We had dozens of speakers for our side and we outnumbered the pro-sanctuary people by about 3-1.  Some of our folks simply stated that they support Pres Trump's immigration policies and oppose Sanctuary Cities.  The business owners also were a powerful force for our side. 

We told the council members we would hold every other elected official, leader, policy maker, etc. who supported it accountable for the results--including fed dollars lost (because they knew the consequences on the front side); the subsequent increase in crime; and any other deficiency their malfeasance will create with this.

The opposition was primarily college age (rumored to be COS Democrats -local community college).  A couple were testimonies, calling themselves Dreamers; several sob stories of their immigration plights; most ignored the criminal aspect of Trump's deportation policy and spun it to be all illegal aliens (of course they call them "undocumented")

Only one council member supported the adoption of SB 54 with no one to second.

It was a great win for Tulare. 

From Jeff Schwick:

Thank you all for emailing and calling the mayor and council and telling them to enforce our laws and NO sanctuary city.  Your voices were heard tonight!

The three radical, pro-alien Democrats spoke after the 50-some speakers during public comments and said they did support illegal aliens and sanctuary policies to protect them from federal enforcement, but they did not want to bring scrutiny upon Chula Vista by the Trump Administration and Attorney General Sessions. 

After 3 ½ hours of public comments (at 5 minutes each), mostly by paid far left and la raza activists, the mayor and council decided to kill any push for sanctuary city status and instead only put forth and passed a call for a weak, meaningless resolution that will say the Chula Vista PD doesn’t discriminate and that they welcome immigrants and refugees.  Several local residents, including a some very good and strong Latino-Americans stood up and bashed the city council for even contemplating becoming a sanctuary city for foreign criminals.  

The city staff has now been tasked with drafting this new resolution to be voted on at the April 25th meeting.  They are also drafting a resolution to support SB 54 and to try to join the lawsuit against President Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities and immigration, but these are just symbolic gestures that carry no weight and offer no benefits to the pro-alien groups demanding action tonight.  They left empty handed, again.

Another huge score for America!  The Trump Effect has Mexico and their la raza operatives on their heels big time.  They just can’t get any big victories in San Diego County anymore.  Enforcement is the rule of the day and the Citizens are rising up to be heard!

Our winning streak continues.  NONE of our 18 cities in San Diego Co. are “sanctuary cities”.

Mexico City must be furious.

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