Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Lawyer Michael Molinaro in Downtown LA

This guy takes "special" to a whole new level.

His name is Michael Molinaro, and he claims to be a lawyer.

I met him April 1 in Downtown Los Angeles. 

He went to park on Hill Street right next to the Moske Court House.

Here's the first video:

This guy took "unhinged" to a whole new level.

He hates Trump, but instead of providing facts, he descended into fake news, personal attacks, and straight-up defamation.

He even claimed that Trump was sleeping with his daughter Ivanka.

This kind of nonsense is a new category unto itself.

He had to resort to personal attacks against me.

And this guy claimed to be well-educated from Boston College, but could not make sense of the ATM parking machine in the corner of the lot!

Molinaro wanted to be recorded and identified.

So I asked him for his business card.

This is what he gave us:

His wallet was a total shambles. It looked like the George Costanza wallet.

"Jerry! Jerry!"

A few hours later, this bumbling attorney joined LA for Trump at First and Spring Street.

He pretended to be our friend for about half an hour:

He claimed to oppose illegal immigration.

He had contacted ICE on two hired family employees, but that call was in connection with a massive family breakdown, in which his wife ran out on him with his two kids.

He was a bitter man, and we got to see more of it when I asked him about Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

This man demonstrated incredible, if not laughable bigotry.

He lied about Trump.

He celebrated liberal-leaning RINO Globalist John McCain.

He voted for Hillary Clinton?!

Yes. and yet still claims to be a Republican and to oppose illegal immigration.


This is the new face of the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Crazed adults who won't come to face with facts.

Unkempt and unprofessional.

Unable to formulate coherent views based on facts.

Resorting to personal attacks and vulgar lies to attack President Trump.

It's sad for the anti-Trump haters, but hilarious for the rest of us!

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