Thursday, April 6, 2017

LA for Trump Meets #SacredResistance

April Fools' Day did not turn out to be an empty prank for Los Angeles for Trump.

We met Trump supporters from all over the country.

We also engaged in a health dialogue with otherwise left-wing political activists.

Here's Tyler, a teacher who works in Boyle Heights:

Check out my first interview with Tyler here:

Little did I realize, but he was headed to the #SacredResistance event in the park nearby.

After about three hours of LA for Trump rallying for the President on the corner of First and Spring Street, a few members of our team checked out what was going on, One report had indicated that it was a Muslim event.

I am very much opposes to the normalization of Islam in our country. The political correctness must be put aside. It's to confront the clearly nefarious elements of Sharia law and this political cult masquerading as a religion.

Here is what we found.

We also faced some of these "prayerful" people calling us hostile and even toxic.

Some of the members tried to block our recording the event.

The people attending the event were passing around something that looked like tobacco. Participants wrapped the herb in cloth and smelled the fragrance.

Check out some of the videos below.

Tyler was willing to listen to other concerns from LA for Trump:

And other videos.

Ed Baker educated Tyler that having different interests does not mean that people are disconnected.

It actually adds to the diversity and beauty of our country--and we don't let bad people stop us from enjoying our lives, either!

Here are few other comments we shared:

When I talked about Anti-Semitism in the Middle East, the subject really got their attention:

Then it got really interesting when a Muslim did approach us:

You have to watch it to believe it.

Final Reflection

Some Trump supporters have told me that talking to liberals and these left-leaning interest groups is a waste of time.

I could not disagree more.

How else will some of these younger people learn if no one bothers to talk to them?

This kind of confrontation is essential if anyone wants to have success making a difference and Making California and Los Angeles Great Again.

It;s time to step out of the caves, come out of our closets, Trump supporters.

Let's confront the left-wing hate and the misguided voters and show them what Trump is really all about.

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