Thursday, April 6, 2017

RINO-PLAC Fails Continue: No Support for Hispanic GOP Candidates Running in Downtown LA

The massive fails of the Republican Party of Los Angeles Country Central Committee have only gotten worse.

In the last two months, two Republican candidates who had put their necks out to run and represent the brand got wiped out, and no one in the Central Committee gave a damn.

Let's start with David Hernandez.

He ran for mayor of Los Angeles, and was the only Republican on the ballot for the March 7 primary.

He was also the only Hispanic.

And what did RPLAC do for him?


No endorsements, no money, no aid--nothing.

The Beach Cities Republicans invited David Hernandez to speak:

Did RPLAC even endorse Hernandez?


What about Congressional District 34, the same district which Attorney General Xavier Becerra vacated?

Only one Republican ran in that race to replace Becerra.

RPLAC did nothing for this man.


And Morrison hustled to get support.

He attended the Spring Convention in Sacramento looking for key support.

This kind of failure is beyond unacceptable.

What's the point of central committees if they refuse to do anything for Republican candidates? 

So what if they may not win in the race? How can anyone know for sure unless someone at least tries?

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