Thursday, April 6, 2017

LA for Trump in Santa Monica: Nasrin Mohammadi Defends Trump, Fights for Freedom

Nasrin Mohammadi is one of the  most vocal and inspiring Trump supporters I have ever met.

She was born in Iran, a Christian who  faced non-stop persecution from the Iranian Islamic mullahs and ayatollahs running the country.

Her brother was tortured and killed fighting for the rights of individual Iranians to govern themselves.

She would eventually escape, but as she sees what is overshadowing individual citizens in this country, she is speaking out.

Islam has become such a feature of public life, especially in the academic world, that political correctness is pushing out academic freedom.

She was pursuing a Ph.D. at a local university, and her disertation was focusing on radical Islam. Muslims at the school were so outraged, that they complained to the university administration.

Nasrin was pushed out of the program! She had completed all the necessary coursework, and yet she did not receive her duly-earned doctoral degree!

This is happening in the United States?

This suppression of speech must be confronted.

Check out her firm and bold stance against political correctness and her liberty to speak the truth in the face of liberal lunacy and enabling evil:

She was loud and proud.

No one could shut her down.

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