Thursday, April 6, 2017

LA for Trump on Third Street Promenade: Trump Supporters Demand the Rule of Law

In spite of a handful of abusive, crazy liberals, most of the people who walked down Third Street Promenade were respectful, even if they did not like Donald Trump.

This group of men approached our debate, and casually informed me that they had voted for Trump.

The young man in the black shirt particularly:

His parents immigrated to this country ... legally!

Why shouldn't more Americans, born and naturalized, get angry about amnesty?

It's patently unfair to cheat the millions who followed the legal process to enter this country.

Democrats love to talk about fairness, about their advocacy for open borders is patently unfair!

Here were further comments on this issue:

The LA for Trump debates were a success, in spite of the hostility and violence of some of the people in the area. We refused to budge and we continued to speak.

More Trump supporters like the gentlemen above came to us and shared their support for the President, too.

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