Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bold PAC Democrats Gone Nuts: "Keith Olbermann Wants a New Election"

You know that the Democratic Party

Here's the latest eblast that I received from this Bold PAC, which is all about aggressive Democratic Party activism:



U.S. intelligence agencies have CONFIRMED that Russia tried to help Trump win. And Keith Olbermann is exposing how ridiculous and treacherous this really is:
Our last [election] was influenced by a foreign power... a Russian act of war. - Keith Olbermann
He’s right! Russia directly influenced our election -- and now, all evidence points that Trump’s campaign was working with them!

So there’s no avoiding the impending truth: Trump’s collusion and corruption has rendered the 2016 election NULL and VOID.

Keith Olbermann is calling for a new election to ensure that our President is fairly and democratically elected. If you agree with him, sign your name immediately:
The integrity of our democracy has been catastrophically compromised.

We cannot continue to be led by someone who undermined our electoral process and illegitimately claimed the presidency.

And in fact, the Constitution doesn’t prevent a new election from happening if we oust Trump before 2020 -- and we have just cause to do that!

If you want a new election to restore our Democracy and our electoral process, then sign your name right away:
So, because the hack journalist Keith Olbermann, who has been suspended and fired for donating to candidates and other breaches of journalistic conduct--because Olbermann says that our elections were not free and fair but overturned and falsified by Russian intervention, Election 2016 is a total fraud and we need to have a redo.


This Russian insanity has gone from laughable to disturbing: the Democratic Party has lost its mind, and the communistic elements which have taken over have so drifted away from the truth and the foundations of this country, that they have become mortal enemies of the very system they claim to respect and operate within.

This is pretty terrifying. The Democratic Party has become overcome with conspiracy theories, and the leadership is bordering on mental illness.

Let's face it: liberalism, communism is a mental illness. 'Nuff said.

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