Monday, April 10, 2017

Unhinged, Lyin' Ted: Twitter Freak Slandering President Trump

While the left and liberal medial lose their collective minds over President Trump's tweets, the press and left-wing acolytes swoon over Congressman Ted Lieu's Twitter storms against the President.

In a further showing for how irrelevant the press has become, the diminishing Daily Breeze reprinted an article from the Washington Post about the Twitter notoriety of Congressman Lieu:

Rep. Ted Lieu’s anti-Trump tweets making him a rock star among progressives

In the packed auditorium at the Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, a vortex of entertainment industry power and current progressive political woe, comedian Kathy Griffin — tiny, insistently red-tressed — erupts in full-throttle rasp at the man in the boxy gray suit as he finishes up on stage.
“I saw you on the Joy Reid show on MSNBC,” Griffin says, coming up from the audience to address Rep. Ted Lieu, a second-term Democrat from the South Bay who was speaking at the CAA Foundation’s Take Action Day. “You’re giving us hope!”

Congressman Ted Lieu is giving disaffected liberals in his Congressional district hope because ... he Tweets lies about Donald Trump?

Now that is just sad!

A trio of sleek female agents surrounds Lieu, as if he’s some TV heartthrob like actor Joshua Jackson, who is on the same environmental panel yet attracting far less attention.


After Nov. 8, Lieu, like many congressional Democrats, was dispirited at the thought of controlling nothing and constantly having to play defense. “Honestly,” says the 48-year-old, Taiwan-born lawmaker. “I felt hopeless for many weeks after the election.”

GOOD! I am so glad that you were so sad, and We the People Rising and LA for Trump are going to rub your sorrow in your face until we throw you out of office!

Then he reached for his phone.

And out came:
“ ‘President’ @realDonaldTrump: You truly are an evil man. Your job is to help Americans. Not intentionally try to destroy their lives.”

OMG! My feelings are so hurt! NOT!

“Dear @realDonaldTrump: I don’t agree much with Sen @RandPaul, but we do agree that your #Trumpcare sucks.”
“I love #irony. Dr. Evil, aka Steve Bannon, is under criminal investigation for voter registration fraud.”

Hope about "Ted Lieu, under investigation and facing litigation for defamation of character"?

Since the beginning of the year, followers of his personal @tedlieu account have exploded, going from fewer than 10,000 to more than 122,000. (The official @reptedlieu account, managed by his staff, is generally more cautious, like Lieu’s former public profile.)

Notice that Ted Lieu's official account gets officially very little action.


His frequent barbs have gotten the far right’s attention. Breitbart News has wondered whether, as a colonel in the Air Force Reserve, he could be court-martialed for persistent criticism of the commander in chief. (He can’t be, and he doesn’t tweet on duty.)

Forget wondering.

I actually told the Congressman:

In conversation, Lieu is far more cautious and earnest than he is in his Twitter ripostes, and polite to a fault. He projects a conservatism in manner and dress that seems at odds with many of his constituents.

He acts like that because he doesn't want to stand by and defend his offensive, false remarks.

Check out his response when I wanted to speak with him after the cybersecurity talk hosted by the Torrance area Chamber of Commerce:

He sure talked tough, but did not want to get into details or defend his remarks when I confronted him!

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