Friday, August 4, 2017

Country Club vs. Counter-Culture Republicans

This quote says it all.

Why the fight among Republicans has become contentious, and how the GOP Establishment, the country club set which doesn't sweat and never worked outside of a gated community, has been calling many of the shots for the last 16 years.

Republicans had lost their way, not paying attention to the individual needs of working Americans. Gun-rack Democrats are now becoming Republicans all over the country, even in California. Working people have finally realized that the Democratic Party is more committed to Wall Street than to Main Street.

And Wall Street is all about Wall Street. They don't want a big, beautiful wall along our borders. Why should they care, anyway? After all, they have their own gated mansions, private security, all placed in secluded gated communities.

Most of the Conservative media intelligentsia fall into this category, too. They live relatively comfortable lives. They do not worry about an illegal alien undercutting their wages or stealing their jobs. They live in perfect safety, too, because of the reasons listed above. The conservative writing intelligentsia still believed that they will be accepted, that they will be welcomed into the media elitists club. What they do not understand, or do not want to understand that the Printed Press Old Word is passing away. Talking heads, even on Fox News, are a thing of the past. There are now hundreds if not thousands of people who have taken on the mantle of conservatives.

The Country Club GOP Intelligentsia does not like that. The democratization of media is not only hurting the Left, but it is hurting the self-congratulatory, well-lettered right. Not only that, but Country Club Republicans do not want to get their hands dirty. They want to discuss ideas, they want to make nice with political competitors, and in many cases they are content to make money as media talking heads. After all is fought for in the election cycle, the Country Club set still want to be invited to all the parties. They still want to know that they will be liked.

This desperation for civility is hurting our culture. The Country Club GOP are convinced that dialogue and debate can make all the difference. If we meet our opposition in the middle somewhere, everything will work out in the end. What they do not realize, however, is that the Democratic Party has doubled down on its communistic impulses. There is no room for agreement or improvement on socialized ideals.

What is needed know is a clear conviction. This unwillingness to confront the truth about the culture was sets Country Club Republicans apart from the Counter-Culture GOP.  This fight over policy and ideology affects our everyday lives. We cannot afford to tolerate the lingering existence of Obamacare, sanctuary cities, tax hikes, education failures, and other Main Street concerns--many of which have gone unnoticed by Country Club Republicans like Charles Krauthammer and George Will. In fact, Will mocked Mainstream America because of their heightened hesitance to allowing illegal alien minors to flood their local public schools. Excuse me, George, but do you pay the taxes for these schools? Did you have a child enrolled in Montgomery County, Maryland, who was raped by an illegal alien?

Not likely.

The Country Club set has been all too removed from the demands and the constraints of daily life. In fact, they have pressed for policies which seem to make sense in ideological terms, but miss the nitty-gritty of Joe the Plumber.

Let's not forgot that our United States Constitution is for everyone. The reduction of the state in our lives, whether as local citizens or Americans, means that our rights must be protected at all costs. Country Club Republicans feel that their rights are intact, and see no need to protect them against egregious infractions. As for the rest of us, we are enduring a constant attack on our rights--and the opportunities to find gainful employment and provide a prosperous future for our children.

Country Club Republicans are willing to support Establishment Democrats just to ensure their passage to all the socialite parties and fetes. This attitude is all wrong. A political party should serve the needs of all Americans. The Democratic Party has affirmed their indifference to the working Americans. Counter Culture Republicans needs to take hold of their party and ensure that their leaders work for the good of all Americans, not just Big Business, Big Labor, and the Big Fat Cat Country Club Class.

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  1. Is Chad Mayes ( who voted to increase the cost of gasoline in Kalifornia by 70 cents per gallon ) a Country Club Republican, NO NO NO he is a DemonRat and should be thrown out of the Republican Party of California. Jim Brulte where are you? RECALL CHAD MAYES