Friday, August 4, 2017

Brown Supremacists Getting Taste of Their Own Medicine (David De La Tierra)

The Brown Supremacists who harrassed me at the Fourth of July Event  in Santa Ana are starting to get scared.

They do not like the fact that I have called them out on their abusive behavior

David De La Tierra was one of the hateful harrassers at the event:

I would like to remind everyone reading this post that the Brown Supremacists in the above vide recording, as well as in other recordings which I made of the event, said the following things about me:

1. Racist
2. Terrorist
3. Hated "Brown children"
4. Child predator

All of these perverse names fall under one banner: libel.

Another one I can think of: slander.

They also screamed at parents and children that I was a criminal. I was arrested in Huntington Park, but it was an unfounded set of charges still being litigated.

They smeared me. I am now exposing one of them right now the same one who has now gotten even more fearful about being exposed in turn for his hateful rhetoric as well as activities.

Here is one photo of David de la Tierra:

 Here is another:

Here is from the July 5, 2017 Huntington Park City Council meeting:

Below you will find the message he sent to me by Facebook about two week ago:

Here's my answer:

Careful what you do to others, brother, especially around me.

Careful what you say about me in public in a vain, hateful attempt to shame me.

Careful what you think of the movement to Make California Great Again for all Americans--we are no longer intimidated by your petty, hateful, lying smear tactics.

So ... deal with it!

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