Sunday, August 6, 2017

Big Labor Fighting to the Death in Wisconsin

The Right-to-Work movement is on the rise.

Despite an unexpected set-back in New Hampshire, which will likely be remedied after the 2018 elections, the movement to secure worker freedom from forced unionism is gaining strength all over the country.

Back in Wisconsin, a state which has undergone a dramatic and unprecedented shift from Left to Right, Big Labor is hustling as hard as they can to stop Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's signature reforms.

The progressive left, the Big Labor Democrats know that they will have nothing left if they lose Big Labor money.

Yet in spite of all their efforts, the Freedom to Work movement is gaining ground, especially in the latest battleground: the federal court systems.

Dear Arthur, 

Union bosses are still turning to every trick in the book in their desperate attempt to overturn Wisconsin's popular Right to Work law. 

First, last September a U.S. District Court judge rejected Big Labor's outrageous legal theory that union bosses are constitutionally entitled to seize fees from independent-minded workers. 

Then, union lawyers appealed the case to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, where a three-judge panel last month again upheld the law. 

Now they are asking the entire Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to hear the case. 

Let me remind you why that's so dangerous. 

You see, just a few years ago, some of the judges on the Seventh Circuit signaled their openness to Big Labor's outrageous argument. 

That's why union lawyers believe they may have the votes at the Seventh Circuit to wipe out Wisconsin and Indiana's Right to Work laws

And make no mistake, this is just one battle in Big Labor's nationwide legal assault ultimately seeking to undo all 28 state Right to Work laws. 

I look forward to this case ending up before the United States Supreme Court, if it goes that far.

Can you imagine SCOTUS striking down all forced unionism laws! What a coup for conservatives that would be!

Union bosses could care less about the law, or the job growth and economic opportunity that Right to Work laws promote – they'll do anything to restore their  forced-dues powers over workers. 

The National Right to Work Foundation has been fighting back against these dangerous union lawsuits from coast to coast, including a brief filed by Foundation staff attorneys for independent-minded workers in the Seventh Circuit. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Mark Mix 

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