Sunday, April 2, 2017

We the People Rising Stump for Trump in Redondo Beach

After our efforts at State Senator Ben Allen's, We the People Rising took our message agains SB 54 and for Donald Trump ... to the streets of Redondo Beach, CA.

Before we left, though, we let Allen a pink slip:

We met some rough creatures on the streets of Redondo Beach.

For the most part, though, students and adults passing by or driving down Artesia Blvd were very supportive.

Of course, a couple of disgruntled liberals called the police on us:

What did they tell us?

"You have every right to be here."


They did ask that we stay out of the street, don't block traffic, etc. That's all fine and good. We the People Rising don't break the law. We fight for the enforcement of our nation's law.

One of the business owners in Senator Allen's building asked us to move our demonstrations down the street, and we happily accommodated the business owner:

Check out some of the shots taken of us in Redondo!


I got a chance to talk to some passers-by who are riding the Trump Train:

The name of our game?

"No Sanctuary Cities!"

"No Sanctuary State"!

"No on 54!"

Check out our chants here:

Of course, some of the people driving by didn't want to hear what we had to share:

Raul and Mike filled the airwaves: "No on SB 54!"

Agnes and Robert staked their claim for the truth, too:

Deanne D'Lean joined us - and she was walking and standing the whole time!

Agnes helped point out the source of the rot:

This lady was AWESOME!

She even told Raul that she watches all our videos!

COOL! We still have no idea how far-reaching our influence has become!

Grindall61 explained trade, sovereignty, and the rule of law to this young Redondo beach resident:

And of course, the mandatory group photo:

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