Monday, April 3, 2017

RyanCare Media Fail--"All the Fake News that Fits Our Narrative."

RyanCare is dead

I am so glad.

The House leadership needs to work up the same moxie as President Donald Trump.

Or they need to step down from office.

Yet for all the failures of Speaker Paul Ryan, the media firestorm which erupted against the Republicans in the House is unfair and unfounded.

Check out this headline from the Washington Examiner:


The bill was not a repeal. Structural problems from Obamacare remained in place.

Yes, the mandates and the taxes were removed, but subsidies still remained in place, a devastating let down which does not go far enough.

But that does not mean that the Republican Party or Donald Trump broke a promise.

The Congress still has plenty of time to repeal this terrible law.

But what did Paul Ryan say in the press conference after the bill was pulled from the floor?

They uote one part of his comment: "Obamacare is the land of the land."

Notice that the more balanced, conservative sites add "for the foreseeable future" and "for now,"

It is not destined to be the law of the land forever, either.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, a top conservative critic of House Republicans’ failed plan to replace ObamaCare, concluded his golf outing Sunday with President Trump by saying party members are “getting closer” on a compromise repeal plan and that he remains “very optimistic.”

I am too,

So ... Republicans have not broken any promise.

They are working on a better bill that will fulfill that promise.

The truth is, the media is looking for any trashy, desperate attempt to spin a failure or a pulled bill as immanent doom for the Trump Administration.

It's all fake news.

Going back ten years, does anyone remember the press slamming the new Democratic majorities in Congress for continuing to fund the War in Iraq? The press never went after Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi in 2009 and 2010 for refusing to get "the public option" or single-payer through Congress.

The double-standard still lingers in the press, and the marginalized liberal media is lingering in turn fo relevance. They keep lying, they keep ginning up one-sided attacks against Trump. Republicans, individual liberty, and constitutional rule.

Oh, and after Trump had tweeted that he wanted to get rid of the Freedom Caucus, he released the following Tweet:

This tweet was particularly engaging and encouraging:
If there is any promise broken. it's the New York Times motto, in which they claim to print "All the News that's Fit to Print." More like "All the Fake News that Fits Our Narrative."


  1. It was TrumpCare. Got it now? TrumpCare.