Monday, April 10, 2017

Women's March Member Joins LA for Trump to Support President's Syrian Action!

Los Angeles for Trump was ready to meet the left-wing anti-Trump protesters once again.

Let's face it:

These left-wing adult temper tantrums will erupt every time Trump does anything. If he decided to hand out $1,000 to every American just because he could, the Bernie-crats and Communists in our midst would still complain because he did not hand out $2,000 or more.

He is still "The Rich", after all, and therefore the enemy.

Give me a break.

Faris worked really hard to put together this event, since Trump's military actions were last minute, coming Thursday night.

But we were ready to show our support for President Trump.

And not only us, but even some Bernie supporters joined OUR side to show their appreciate for Trump's military action.

Meet Abby:

Notice her Women's March shirt.

But she was more than happy to stand with Trump supporters because she supported the President's decision to bomb the airfield in Syria.

She also shared her concerns about the Syrian Quagmire:

Here are a few other photos with Abby!

Strange to some eyes, yet true, Abby was holding up a picture of one tweet from @realDonaald Trump. While most liberals have used Trump's previous tweets to attack his record and rhetoric, here's a liberal who reached into his past social media profile to find a statement which resonated with her humanitarian views!

And ours too!

It was great to have her on our side, as I almost feared that she was there to protest us!

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