Saturday, August 5, 2017

Carl Petersen: Obsessed, Triggered Leftist Loser

It just gets better and better for Trump supporters, even in California.

I have a new groupied named Carl Petersen.

"You're a racist ... because you're a racist!"
For some reason, he started attending Huntington Park City Council meetings, especially since We the People Rising, LA County for Trump, and other pro-enforcement groups have been making a difference, putting incredible pressure on the rampant lawlessness of that city council.

Reminder: Huntington Park appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions, and they dismissed all the legal residents, citizens, duly appointed members for political gain. Sad but true, that's what they did.

Our efforts are getting more attention from rabid leftists all over Los Angeles County.

Check out the attempted smear by NoBS Media below following the July 5th City Council meeting:

Petersen has done his fair share ot smear, and it has all failed.

Check out this great video that Carl took of me:

He is a failed school board candidate.

He is also a perpetually enranged regressive.

Check out his unseemly behavior at Politicon 2017:

Then when I confronted him on the race card that he continously plays ... he fell silent:

This man ran as a school board candidate for Los Angeles Unified.

He flips people off with his middle finger. He throws a temper tantrum like a child every time his point of you is undermined by something called ... reality.

He has no dignity or self-respect in his bearing. Yet he wants to smear pro-American, pro-enforcement people as lacking character.

When I confront him on his racism smears, he falls silent.

What could I say? I told him very plainly: "I am glad that you did not win that school board seat."

He is the racist, precisely because he wants to play the race card--and for what I understand, he has no interest in allowing children of all backgrounds to choose the schools they attend.

He basically thinks that the majority of black and Hispanic students in Los Angeles Unified do not deserve to choose the best schools. Isn't that racist?

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