Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SB 54 Passes out of the State Senate: My Thoughts

It was a gut blow for me to learn that the California State Senate was going to commit mutiny against the federal government and undermine their oaths of office to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Then again, the Democrats who run Sacramento have been doing that for the last four years.

What was really surprising, though, is that Democratic lawmakers in otherwise swing districts would vote to endanger the lives of every California citizen and protect illegal aliens from deportation. It is official: the Democratic Party is full on communistic, and there is nothing remotely "democratic" about them.

They do not represent "the people". They have broken away from any kind of principles based on doing what is best for their constituents. Particularly appalling, I had spoken plainly to one state senator, Connie Leyva, about SB 54.

She seemed like someone who could wobbly away from supporting this bill, since she did not run away from the Chaffey High School auditorium, even though Attorney General Becerra and the rest of the staff did.

Leyva ended up presiding over the senate floor vote when SB 54 was passed.

We the People Rising even badgered State Senator Ben Allen about this bill.


It is official.

The state legislature does not represent the people whom they claim to serve.

This is devastating. I had to rest for the rest of the evening, I was so despondent and sad about this outcome.

There remains hope, however, and indeed it is a confident expectation of good in our state.

ICE officials have stepped up their raids on businesses, corporations, and in government buildings.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has informed the California court system to comply with all federal always, which includes allow ICE to go into court houses and capture illegal aliens for deportation.

Sessions has begun cutting off federal grants to cities, and soon cities up and down the state of California will lose basic funding for other municipal needs. 

Passage of SB 54 out of the State Senate has all but assured that ICE will go directly into neighborhoods to capture and deport illegal aliens, and not just those with a violent history. The same raid-response occurred in Cudahy shortly after Councilman Chris Garcia pushed for sanctuary city status in January 2015.

SB 54 is a shocking loss and major failure of democracy. Thank goodness that the United States is a Republic, not a democracy, though. It's not about power to the people, but the diffusion and frustration of mob-ocracy and corruption.

And California is going to get a bitter taste of how bad things are going to get because of their diffident defiance of federal immigration laws.

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