Sunday, April 9, 2017

Letter to Random Lengths News: Suck It Up, Liberal Buttercups!

It’s fun to read Random Lengths FAKE News  attacking President Trump. The more that liberal rags hate President Trump, the more I know that he is doing a great job.

Not that I agree with everything he does. I do not support tariffs, unless to generate revenue for like funding our military or maintaining our national transportation structures.

But I love that finally we have a President who puts the needs of Americans first. After all, he is the President of the United States.

  • Here is a list (hardly exhaustive) of all the things that I am glad that President Trump has accomplished:
  • ·         Ending taxpayer funding for abortions overseas
  • ·         Repealing energy rules which would have put coal miners out of work
  • ·         Overturning the rule which would allow Social Security to report on senior citizens’ mental health, thus denying their right to keep and bear arms
  • ·         He reversed and ended the United States Participation in the TPP.
  • ·         He has renegotiated building contracts, saving American taxpayers billions of dollars.
  • ·         He nominated an excellent replacement for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia—Neil Gorsuch. Trump has helped lead the charge to end the overly abused filibuster rule of federal judicial nominees.
·         Speaking of nominees:

1. He appointed an excellent law and order candidate for Attorney General: Jeff Sessions, and this man is already bringing down the hammer on corruption, non-enforcement, and illegal immigration

2. Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education is now fighting for all kids to attend the school of their choice, rather than being forced to suffer in government schools with no accountability.

3. “Climate Denier” Scott Pruitt for the EPA

There is so much winning, I just cannot contain myself.

Now granted, in California Democrats have achieved a slim supermajority and can do whatever they want without Republican input. But the further regressive raving and ravagings of Sacramento cannot ignore that California is one state in a federal system, and federal law prevails.

No matter how many laws Democrats pass rejecting enforcement of our immigration and anti-corruption laws, at the end of the day federal law will TRUMP (yes, pun intended) state law. nd as for #Calexit? Forget it. California Democrats are in an even weaker stance than the racist Confederate States during the Civil War.

Suck it up, liberal buttercups. Trump won, you lost, and be prepared to see your whole destructive, anti-liberal progressive movement come crashing down in California.

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