Tuesday, April 4, 2017

ICE! ICE BABY! Federal Agents Raid Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens

For all the hopes and pretenses of the California State Senate, that they could "kick the President in the groin" and get away with defying federal immigration laws, it looks as though this symbolic defiance has fallen on deaf ears.

Apparently, ICE doesn't care!

They just raided the Bicycle Casino located in Bell Gardens, CA!

Here are some news reports.

Federal authorities raided the Bicycle Hotel and Casino in Bell Gardens on Tuesday morning as part of an ongoing investigation.

Virginia Kice, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Los Angeles, said in a statement authorities could not comment on “the scope or nature of the investigation.”

The raid was executed at the casino, 888 Bicycle Casino Drive, by members of the Los Angeles High Intensity Financial Crime Area Task Force, a group that includes ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations; IRS Criminal Investigation; the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Gambling Control; and the U.S. Attorney's office, she said.

The Bicycle Casino has had a long and colorful history in Bell Gardens. The federal government took over part ownership of the casino in 1991 after a jury found that $12 million of the $22 million used in its construction came from Florida drug smugglers.


Bell Gardens is the heart of State Senator Ricardo Lara's district.

He has been the biggest promoter and enabler of illegal immigration. He defends these criminal elements in this state, as well as waging war on churches, charities, small businesses, the rule of law, and every individual liberty accorded to American citizens under the United States Constitution.

"Are they coming for me next?!"
I hope they arrest Ricardo Lara in connection with whatever is happening at the Bicycle Casino.

BELL GARDENS, Calif. (KABC) -- Federal agents from multiple agencies executed a search warrant Tuesday morning at the Bicycle Hotel & Casino in Bell Gardens, authorities said.

Few details were immediately disclosed about the warrant, which a spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said was issued by a magistrate judge and "filed under seal in relation to an ongoing investigation."

"Because the warrant is under seal, we are not able to comment on the scope or nature of the investigation," said Virginia Kice, ICE's western regional communications director.

The operation at the hotel-casino, located at Florence and Eastern avenues, was being conducted by members of the Los Angeles High-Intensity Financial Crime Area Task Force, which includes ICE's Homeland Security Investigations. The IRS Criminal Investigation division, the California Bureau of Gambling Control and the U.S. Attorney's Office also participated in the raid.

Homeland Security Investigations personnel were seen in the facility's parking lots, whose entrances were cordoned off by yellow tape and ICE vehicles.

The U.S. Attorney's office has gotten involved, too!

This is really exciting.

What can I say? I warned them!

Jeff Sessions is now HERE!


  1. Yeehaw... finally.... head em up n move em out...

  2. Ring their Bell! They've been a thorn in CA's side for years!

  3. Before everyone jumps on the blame Trump bandwagon, these reports are being made by American citizens. Keep making those calls fellow Americans!

  4. Before everyone jumps on the blame Trump bandwagon, fed up American citizens are making these calls to ICE. Keep those phones ringing, fellow Americans!