Thursday, April 6, 2017

Harry Tsang: A Textbook Case of "Schaper Derangement Syndrome"

Citizenship implies activism.

Always has, always will be.

The essence  of activism is simply exercising one's First Amendment Rights.

Too many Americans, including myself, had forgotten that we possess these rights from our Creator. We had gotten out of the habit of speaking up and out against the abuse of our right, the waste of our dollars, and the attack on our liberties, including our public safety.

Now we are rising up.

For that reason, I had no  qualms about going after Harry Tsang, one of the stooges who works for John Paul Tabakian and his corrupt WestCal front group for illegal aliens and left-wng protesters.

Here is the first video when I confronted him about directing the La Raza/La Riva thugs to the West Carson Veterans Hall:

Watch him run!

He could not handle the fact that someone would hold him accountable for colluding with Tabakian and his racist thugs, all of whom celebrate illegal aliens while ignoring the needs of law-abiding young citizens. What can I say? I could not hold back from confronting him over what those thugs did to the veterans and the peaceful assembly at that hall.

Then I saw him at Long Beach City College.

What was he doing there?

Here are two videos from Long Beach City College following the Lowenthal town hall.

The funniest line out of his mouth on that day?
"I can sue you for defamation of character."

What defamation? I confronted him in truth over the abusive things that followed his direction of the SJW thugs to the Veterans Hall, as well as his collusion with the corrupt and abusive John Paul Tabakian. Notice that in the video above and below he kept claiming that I had assaulted him.

I never touched him, and I never attacked him. I did not even threaten to attack him.

Here's the second video from the evening:

In this video, he claimed that I was obsessed with him. Of course, he choked on his own words when he had to admit that he is getting paid to do what he is doing--whatever that is!

He continued to claim that I had assaulted him, even though I did not raise my voice or even chase after him to get an answer. Where does he get the idea that I was trying to attack him?

Then he attended the Culver City City Council meeting, too?

This is getting really creepy. What is it with this guy?

Here is one video, to document that he was there:

Notice here that I had to pass by him while I was looking over all the Founding and historical documents of our country along the back wall of the city council chambers.

In the two videos above, note that I never talked to him, but I was not afraid to hold him accountable.

Then at the end of last week, when I was debating liberals about Donald Trump and his policies, lo and behold who showed up?

Harry Tsang.

Now this is really creepy. He must have Schaper Derangement Syndrome.

Unlike Harry, I did not run away from the debate forum. In fact, I even invited Harry Tsang to speak to me in front of the audience surrounding us.

What did he say?

More derangement!

He said I was arrested by the Culver City police department.

Uh ... no!

So, Harry claims that I assaulted him and that I was arrested.

Both lies. You know what that's called? Defamation!

He then called Omar Navarro "my boy."

That is both offensive and disgusting. I would also add pretty racist.

He then got really heated because I had claimed (?) that he was not Republican enough. Finally he asked a substantive uestion.

"If you are such a strong Republican, then how can you support Donald Trump, even though he has been attacking the Freedom Caucus?"

Easy, because Trump has been enacting and fighting for policies which I agree with, including the nomination of the accomplished conservative justice Neil Gorsuch.

I also recognize that Trump is not going to be perfect.

Furthermore, voices all over the country for nearly two years said that Trump was not a real conservative--yet he has accomplished more conservative promises than the last three Republican Presidents!

He exceeded my expectations.

It was very clear that Harry Tsang was trying to shame and embarrass me, but it failed.

Instead, everybody laughed at his attacks.

He obviously does not realize that I have a promise:

"No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD." (Isaiah 54:17)

I tried to get Harry Tsang to ask my other eustions, but he just turned and walked away:

I have heard of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

But is "Schaper Derangement Syndrome" becoming a new disease among liberal-leaning or cowardly elements in California, too?

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