Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Insufferable Stupidity of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Not just in California, but across the country Americans are fighting sanctuary city and state laws. Ironically, I learned about the national fight from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing propaganda site losing its peace over this grassroots backlash against outlaw jurisdictions and state-sponsored lawlessness. The SPLC is a shameful propaganda organization now, but it started out as a direct mail company whose honors focused initially on legitimate civil rights interests. The owners first assisted the left-wing Democrat George McGovern in his bid for President in 1972, but getting people elected was not their forte. Initially, they fought against truly extremist groups through privately-funded yet influential legal efforts. Today, targeting anyone pro-family or conservative has become their business.

And what a business. The Federalist documents an unprecedented $10 million windfall from fundraising, but they peddle hatred of their own while targeting so-called “hate”. Either they are deceiving donors into funding a good fight, or the donors are just as committed to this perverse left-wing agenda. The left-wing media love referencing the SPLC to justify their groundless smears against conservatives. Their lies must be confront. John Stossel called them out, as did PragerU.

Now the general citizenry must punch back harder at these wastrel hacks to expose them for who they are. Don’t mind if I do! This week, SPLC targeted me along with a wide bevy of friends and fellow patriots fighting sanctuary state in California. But what better way to expose their hackery than to dissect their petty tricks? One contact in Huntington Beach told me to accept the attack as a badge of honor. Now let’s bestow on them a badge of shame. To showcase how outrageously bad the SPLC has become.

Here's the photo at the top of the SPLC Hate Piece
It exposes the insufferable stupidity of SPLC

Here are some of the most outlandish lies in their latest article “Racism rampant at California city council meetings on sanctuary polices”. First, this SPLC blog features a photo taken at the Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting in March 2018, when the board voted to oppose SB 54 and join the DOJ lawsuit against the state of California. Four friends of mine are in the photo. They have joined me and countless other California citizens in public meetings (city councils, county boards, town halls) to denounce and urge rejection of SB 54. The man in the black hat is Jesse Suave, an immigrant from Mexico. The lady with a black and white top is Genevieve Peters, who works with children of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Next to Genevieve stands Jennifer Martinez---note the last name, which she received from her Hispanic husband. Finally, there’s Raul Rodriguez, the Director of America First Latinos.

So, having introduced you to these four proud Californians, let me expose the first of many insufferable stupidities in the article. The title itself mentions “racism.” The citizens decrying SB 54 are of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Racist? Really? One of them is an immigrant, yet the article condemns the “anti-immigrant” sentiment of our activist community. Someone please tell the SPLC to take remedial English.

Then it gets better:

For the past two months, a campaign orchestrated by national anti-immigrant hate group the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and its legal arm the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) has mobilized a small but vocal group of activists hell-bent on pushing city council members in Orange County, and other parts of southern California, to take a stance against the state’s sanctuary policies.
For the record, I know people from FAIR, but this IRLI group I know nothing about, and this is the case for many Californians fighting against this terrible law. SPLC writer Stephen Piggott (rhymes with “bigot”) never contacted me for clarity. Where did he get this information? I couldn’t find his contact information to demand retractions.
Their statement “anti-immigrant” for those who oppose illegal immigration is also a commonplace smear. Conservative activists do not represent one group, ideology or ethnicity. Remember Jesse in the above photo? He is an immigrant, along with fellow LA County for Trump members Fernando Garcia, Mauricio Chavez, and Elsa Aldeguer, a proud Latina for Trump and member of Make California Great Again. How can immigrants be anti-immigrant? This verbal nonsense exposes how the Let corrupts the English language, conflating those who entered the country legally with those who broke into our country.

Now see how badly they make their points next points:

Reports have also noted that anti-sanctuary speakers have depicted undocumented immigrants as criminals who harbor disease.

“Reports have also noted” is left-wing speak for “no one really said this, so we’re assuming that you will just take our word for it.” The press uses this tactic, too, but more people are catching on to the game. As for callings illegal aliens “criminals who harbor disease”, check this link here and here for confirmation.

Here’s the best part, where the article attacks me. This attack makes it very easy to expose the corrupt incompetence of this desperate hate site:

Joining Peters at many of the meetings was Arthur Schaper. Schaper is the head of the California chapter of the anti-LGBT group Mass Resistance …

I used to head that chapter, but I turned it over to someone else because the fight against illegal immigration took all of my time. How could they NOT get that right?

Schaper has a history of disruptive activity at city council meetings and was arrested at a meeting in Huntington Beach in 2017.

They printed this article on May 22, 2018.  Where’s the disruption at this meeting, or this one, or this one, or even this one in 2017, when rabid open borders activists assaults me and stole my phone? I was arrested in Huntington Park for sitting in the city council meeting. Disruption? Hmmm ... Notice how the article refuses to clarify anything but pushes broad general attacks based no biased headliners.

SPLC is a hate group, yes, but its hack writers have become so laughable in their lying and deceit, it’s worth exposing them once for all.

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