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Rising Concerns About Anti-Semitism--and Facts to Rebut the Hatred

Hatred of Jews has been a sad phenomenon in the world for millennia.

From Ancient Rome to the present day, Jew-hatred has emerged like a quiet plague capturing entire countries along with intellects and ideological movements.

Its resurgence among so-called "conservatives" in general and the alt-right in particular is alarming. One month ago, in my own home town of Torrance, CA, I started talking with a guy right behind me, who liked my Make California Great Again hat.

Then he immediately veered into conspiracy theories about "The Jews" and their role in 9-11. Immediately, I asked him for proof of this conspiracy. He had absolutely nothing to offer, but began to rant and rave about them. It was a disturbing display of hatred, but sadly something that has become increasingly common.

What is this hatred? What is going on?

I submit that this is another demonic force in the world, but more secular reasons for rising Anti-Semitism include the growing influx of Islam and Muslim ideologies into the Western World. The growing secularism and progressive leftist dogma replacing actually thinking and discussions has indoctrinated students to hate Israel and see the Jewish state as a lawless pariah in the midst of victimized Arab nations.

Israel stands as a constant reminder to the world that there is a God, and the keenest intellects and strongest powers cannot compare. There are Orthodox Jews for a marginal variety who are anti-Zionists, too, but their fundamental misunderstand of God's Word and ways explains this misplaced thinking.

Most people are jealous of Jews, many of who excel in different fields of learning, research,
entrepreneurship, finance, and other professions. The answer should not be hatred, but a willingness to see what values these communities have embraced. There is a strong, fervent love of education, for example, plus an extended commitment to family and voluntary community organizations. They fall back on a solid sense of identity, too, regardless of political views.

Who can dismiss the blessings of Abraham, which are available to all who believe on Him, not just to the Jews but the Gentiles, too.

Other misunderstandings about Judaism feed this fear and ultimately dislike of Jews.

Consider this tweet sent to me by a good friend in Orange County:

First of all, I know many Jews who do not hate Christians at all, even if they do not believe in Jesus Christ.

Second of all, more Jews DO believe that Jesus is the Messiah. The numbers are growing daily, and Jewish Christians proclaim their faith not just in the United States, but even in Israel.

Third, the Talmud is not considered inspired Scripture. Whatever comments one finds in these writings is suspect at best.

Other arguments focus predominantly on Israel, that the Jewish state is illegitimate because the nation exists in Occupied territory. However, anti-Israel sentiment has merely turned into an easy, more politically correct form of anti-Semitism, since the critics can simply argue "I am criticizing the nation, not the people."

However, in one video/interview on the Red Elephants, Vincent James was interviewing a survivor of one of the worst fog of war tragedies in modern history: the friendly fire and bombing of the USS Liberty by Israel forces in the Mediterranean Sea.

Six separate standing committees investigated this tragedy and concluded that this event was a tragic accident, not some kind of deliberate attack from Israel to bring the United States into the Six Day War. The Israeli government didn't even need the United States to step in, since the Israeli army, despite its small size, routed the surrounding hostile nations.

But for one of the survivors of the USS Liberty who was commenting on James' show, his hatred of Israel went from the false flag attack to an outright end to the "Occupation of Palestine." He would delegitimize the entire state of Israel because of one military attack committed by the army under one Israeli government? Really?! It seems to me that anti-Semites merely look for some kind of legitimate reason to attack Israel and then justify their rounded hatred for the nation.

There have been paramilitary missions by Zionist terrorists--but those actions have been widely condemned by the current Israel government and political leaders in the country.

Israel is the closest thing to a liberal, Western democratic government where men and women of all ethnic backgrounds can live and thrive. In fact, the United States and Israel share a number of common ideological interests: free speech, freedom of the press, strategic interest in the spread of Western values in the backward Arab world.

They also have a common enemy in Iran. When President Trump withdrew from the Iran deal, they didn't burn Israeli flags, but American ones. The Islamic regime has viewed the United States as the greater enemy for decades, but in part because of our alliance with Israel.

Is Israel the truly bellicose power in the region? Did Israel "steal land" from the Arabs?


The idea of allowing Jews to immigrate to what was termed Palestine occurred as far back as the late 1870s. Jews found their state increasingly precarious due to revivals of anti-Semitism--again--throughout Western Europe. The Dreyfus affair proved to many Jews that they needed to have their own homeland.

By the way, the historical and archaeological record bear out that the region between Egypt and Syria along the Mediterranean has been in Jewish/Israeli hands for centuries. Following the conquest of the region by the Ottoman Empire in 1517, the region still had Jewish settlements, many of which grew slowly over time. Salutory neglect set into the region during the 19th centuries, and more Jewish settlers arrived in a region which had lain dormant and neglected for nearly two centuries.

Jews purchased the land for exorbitant prices, driven up by greedy Muslim leaders who had taken advantage of the Arab populations and pressured them to sell their land at a lower price. The cultivated and developed the territory into a restored paradise. So much so, that the King of Jordan, no friend of the Jews, could not help but marvel at the beauty and prosperity restored to the region.

From the Late 1920s until the founding of the Jewish State in 1948, a number of successive commissions and resolutions affirmed an established legal process for the creation of Israel. The government did not drive out Arabs in the region but welcomed them to stay. Most of the "Palestinian refugees" left the region at the urging of hostile Arab leaders in the area who were committed to pushing the Jews into the sea and taking back the territory.

In 1948, 1967, and 1973, the Jewish population survived one violent war after another, yet survived and willingly traded land for peace again and again.

Still no end to the Jew-hatred.

It's time for the world, and some of these would-be "Conservatives" to stop blaming Israel for the woes of the Arab World or the wars erupting in the Middle East. It's time for the Arabs to stop looking at themselves as victims, to give up their cult-like attachment to Islam, and embrace the Judeo-Christian ethic of Western Civilization.

Check out the remarks from erudite libertarian-leaning atheist Pat Condell:

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