Sunday, May 6, 2018

CAGOP Convention Aftermath: Big Loss for RPLAC RINO Andy GimmeKandy

Andy Gharakani, aka GimmieKandi, was pushing an attorney general candidate up to the CAGOP Convention.

Sure, retired LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley supported Eric Early, but then a bombshell dropped for the Convention delegates, thanks to California Political Review Editor Steve Frank:

                                  Delegate, California Republican Party
                                                    May 3, 2018
The California Republican Party convention is about to start.  For me, I have been very quiet about the convention and the June primary.  But today I found out something VERY disturbing about one of the candidates wanting our endorsement on Sunday, Eric Early, running for Attorney General.  I have endorsed Judge Steven Bailey, but not been involved in his or any of the Statewide races—just involved in local races around the State.  This is what I found out:
8/10/10  Eric Early donated $100 to Dave Jones for Insurance Commissioner
7/22/14  Eric Early donated $500 to Dave Jones for Insurance Commissioner
In 2018 Dave Jones is running for Attorney General—If Early and Jones are on the ballot, who will Early support?
3/12/09  Eric Early donated $500 to Jerry Brown
3/10/10  Eric Early donated $500 to Jerry Brown
3/11/10  Eric Early donated $1,000 to Jerry Brown
5/24/10  Eric Early donated $500 to Jerry Brown
While we were working hard to defeat Jerry Brown, Eric Early was an early donor to him.
Congressman Brad Sherman WROTE the articles of Impeachment against President Trump---Eric Early has donated $4840 to Brad Sherman
Grand Total? $4,840
He gave money to DEFEAT Senator Ted Cruz in the Texas primary: Early doesn't just donate to liberal Democrats either." . As recently as September 2017, Eric Early inexplicably donated $500 to Stefano de Stefano, a quixotic Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Texas who ran to Senator Ted Cruz’s far left.
He also donated to get the U.S. Senate to be Democrat controlled:
On 9/27/2011 Early donated $250 to Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, a progressive hero who is now a US Senator from Illinois voting against President Trump 100% of the time.
On 6/5/2012 Eric Early donated $300 to Senator John Tester.
On 9/28/2014 Eric Early donated $500 twice to Extreme Left-Wing Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.
With Eric Early money talks.  It tells us as delegates where he stands.  His actions speak so loud, I can not hear a word he says.
Thought you should know before the Sunday vote.

For me, the biggest problem was Gharakani. He has lots of money, but very little morals. He makes all the other RPLAC Central Committee members do whatever he wants, including Richard "Where Are You?" Sherman, along with Janice Webb, who has called people's work to pressure individual political activities.

Let's not forget Gary SCAM-inoff, but I digress.

From early 2017, I was supporting Retired Judge Stephen Bailey, who lives in Northern California, where so much of the political rebellion is breaking out. Before Los Alamitos, northern counties had already opted out of SB 54. The Sheriff of El Dorado County was emphatic: "I will not comply with the Sanctuary State Law".

For me, there is a lot to hope for from Judge Bailey. He has been running a grassroots campaign--and he doesn't donate to Democratic candidates. He has constitutional legal training, too.

So ... Bailey won the endorsement of the California Republican Party!

Of course ... Andy doesn't seem interested in talking to anyone ...

Now he's gone into hiding!

We need more conservatives to organize as they have never done before and start making Los Angeles County Republican again, just as we need to work to Make California Great Again!

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